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If we hadn't brushed up on our zombie-survival skills, this could have really scared us… meet the world's biggest Zombie walk.

Thousands of undead zombies (or people dressed as them) have wandered through Mexico City this weekend in a bid to set a new world record.

Covered with suitable amounts of fake blood and gore nearly 10,000 people are said to have taken part in the event aimed to take peoples minds off economic stress.

275x250.jpg A new course has launched in the UK which promises to teach zombie apocalypse-fearing folk everything they need to survive an undead uprising.

Zombie Boot Camp -- which runs in Driotwich, Worcestershire and costs £59 -- has been specially created in order to help train and prepare people for the eventuality of a zombie invasion.

The experience day sees would-be zombie battlers take part in training from expert military instructors before being kitted out in helmets, safety goggles and Kevlar body armour.

Then it's on to learning how to fight zombies with weapons including a pistol, grenades a rifle and a chainsaw -- before taking part in a training exercise and tackling a warehouse full of zombies.

Does video show Canadian Loch Ness Monster?

Video footage from British Columbia's Okanagan Lake shows what it's claimed could be a Canadian Loch Ness Monster.

Sure it looks like nothing more than a ripple in the water (or three floating logs as some cynics say) but the man behind the camera, Richard Huls, insists it's Ogopogo.

For the uninitiated Ogopogo is Canada's version of Scotland’s infamous Loch Ness Monster and has been 'seen' on more than a thousand occasions since 1860.

However, despite the multitude of sightings, the only proof it exists are a couple of grainy photos and this video… which kind of says it all.

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