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275x250.jpgJust days after Leicester Council admitted they had no plans of how to deal with a zombie attack, hundreds of the undead have been seen staggering around the city.

Okay, as the doubters among you may have guessed, these were not really brain-hungry zombies… but rather 150 people in horror costumes.

The zombie gathering had been arranged after Leicester City Council responded to a recent FOI request asking them what plans they had for an undead uprising.

Because the local authority had been forced to admit they were horribly ill prepared for the zombie apocalypse, a group of "concerned citizen" mobilised themselves via Facebook to highlight the threat.

After smearing themselves in faux blood, the 'zombies' descended on the city where they proceeded to groan and stagger their way around… luckily the council was true to its word and they didn't suddenly produce flame-throwers and shotguns.

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