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275x250.jpg Rose Jardine hopes her new job never loses its magic… because she's just been employed as the 'resident dragonologist' a Warwick Castle.

Her duties there will include, watching over any fire-breathing beasts, keeping staff trained in the latest developments in sorcery, and telling visitors all about dragons.

To get the job - advertised online earlier this month - Jardine had to demonstrate "extensive knowledge of dragon myth and legend, with particular reference to dragon summoning and dragon powers and riddles."

And bosses at Warwick Castle are confident they've got the right person, during her interview she's said to have performed a dragon summoning incantation… but luckily stopped before unleashing the beast.

Is this video conclusive proof of a Poltergeist haunting a family in Coventry… or simply someone off-camera moving a chair with a piece of string?

Lisa Manning insists it shows supernatural the goings-on in her home which are making the life of her and her children a misery.

The terrified mother says items are constantly moving around the house including pot and pans falling on the kitchen floor, and that lights are always turning themselves on and off.

She also says she's even had to flee the house via a window on occasion, when doors have tried to lock her in, and she thinks a ghost may have killed her dog.

Now, in a bid to convince her social housing landlords to give her a new house, she's filmed this footage which she claims is proof of a ghost. Do you think anything spooky is going on?

A US man claims to have captured the elusive Bigfoot on video. Unfortunately, he seems to have been using the world most blurry camera.

Thomas Byers - who promptly contacts various news outlets -  claims that he was in North Carolina when he saw the 7-foot-tall, 300-pound Bigfoot right in front of him crossing the road.

He says he quickly stopped his truck and whipped out a video camera and started shooting the video of Bigfoot disappearing into the roadside bushes.

Byers also says the creature turned towards him and "snarled or growled" as it crossed the road and describes the event as "one of the most amazing things I have ever seen".

Unfortunately the internet-going public - who are quick to call "fake" at the best of times - are not overly convinced… and we can't say we blame them.

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