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275x250.jpg If you're anything like us, you probably spend most of your waking day thinking about how you would survive a zombie apocalypse.

Well now a Google Street View mashup game has been released where you can see how long you could survive if the rise of the undead happened near your home.

After inputting your postcode, you start the Streetview Zombie Apocalypse by looking at the Google view of your own home and have to instantly start dodging and running away from the zombies.

While it's almost certain you will soon become zombified yourself, it's interesting to see how long you would last… and plan for what you will do when it really happens.

275x250.jpgTheme park bosses say they're been forced to move to location of a new ride… because workers kept seeing ghosts including a headless monk.

Staff at Thorpe Park claim they encountered a series of strange phenomena while constructing their new Storm Surge water ride which started with objects being moved.

But this soon developed into ghostly sightings and bosses decided to appease workers worries by consulting a forensic team and paranormal detection agency.

After investigating, they discovered the site, known as Monk's Walk, was actually an ancient burial ground or settlement and could have been disturbed during construction.

As a result they moved the ride to somewhere a little less spooky… well at least they know where to put the haunted house if they build one.

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