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275x250.jpgPolitician in Romania have scrapped plans to introduce a tax on fortune tellers, witches and psychics… because they feared they could be cursed.

Officials in the economically struggling country had planed to start taxing witches in a bid to raise more money.

But despite drafting new laws - which would have also held psychics liable for wrong predictions - the politicians in Romania's senate bottled it at the last minute.

It's been claimed many opted against the witch-centric new rules, not because they could be hard to implement, but because they feared having a curse put on them.

However, there is always the possibility the witches were one step ahead and put a hex on the politicians preventing them from ticking the yes box.

275x250.jpgA team of monster hunters have started using sonar equipment to search Windermere for the English Nessie.

There are said have been seven sighting of a 'monster' in the lake over the past four years and experts say they are now hopeful of finding the beast.

Last year a film crew recorded a 20 metre long object below the surface of the lake and while some insist it was just a wave, others insist it was the mythical creature.

Over the weekend a team including a local hotelier and a psychic took to the water on a ship equipped with latest sonar equipment capable of scanning to a depth of 220ft.

While the tourist attracting stunt scientific search was unsucessul, they did come up with a good nick-name for the creature, Bow-nessie... after Bowness-On-Windermere.

275x250.jpgA course in 'Zombie Studies' has been launched for students at the University of Baltimore.

But unfortunately for those wanting to learn how to survive the undead apocalypse, the class is actually part of the English curriculum.

As such, topics discussed will not include whether flame-throwers or shotguns are the preferred method of killing the undead.

Instead students will watch zombie movies and read comics or books featuring the creature, to analyse how literature and mass media work.

Course credits will be awarded for the writing of zombie movie scripts rather than essays... and if the course it scheduled before 2pm most of the students will look undead too.

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