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275x250.jpgSome people really do exhibit 'werewolf tendencies' during a full moon and become more violent, it has been found.

An 11 month research project at an Australian hospital looked at the way in which patients behaviour changed with the lunar cycle.

Scientists discovered that patients were twice as likely to be admitted to the emergency department displaying 'violent and acute behavioural disturbance' during a full moon than any other lunar phase.

In this state they were much more likely to attack staff by biting, spitting and scratching them. It was concluded violence manifested more commonly during the full moon… but there was no growth of fangs or excessive hair.

Next up they will test the Teen Wolf hypothesis that a full moon makes people better basketball players.

275x250.jpgIn the mid 1800s, vampire-fearing people traveling to Eastern Europe bought and carried with them, Vampire killing kits.

Containing items such as a wooden stake, a crucifix, a bible, garlic, various potions and even pistols with lead bullets, they offered the best protection possible from the blood-sucking undead.

Despite people nowadays being less likely to want to kill vampires - either thinking the don't exist, or (thanks to Twilight New Moon they) more likely to want to make them their soul-mate - demand has stayed high for the kits.

Some, which can be over 200-years-old, have sold for sums up to £10,000. But now Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museums have announced that they have the world’s largest collection of authentic Vampire killing kits, with 30 in total.

So, should the blood-sucking pale-faced ones start an uprising, you know where to find us. Click through to see some of the Vampire killing kits.

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