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275x250.jpgRun for your lives. This satellite image clearly shows a Zombie uprising has started in Washington. 

Oh, hang on. If you haven't already run off to get your shotgun, it turns out you don't have to worry. This is actually just a "zombie outbreak simulator."

The software which runs on Google maps has been created to let you see how a zombie attack would pan out in the real world.

Users enter a number of zombies and infection variables such as zombie speed, infection rate, number of civilians, how many are armed and their shooting accuracy.

Then you get to sit back and watch how you, your friends and family would get chased down, attacked and infected by the army of the undead - sounds like a chilling way to spend the evening.

275x250.jpgA psychic who held a Twitter seance for Halloween, claims to have contacted Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix.

Tweance was organised by psychic Jayne Wallace who used Twitter to let people suggest questions for celebrity spirits and posted the ghoslty answers.

During the session she says Jacko told fans that he is at peace and does not think anyone was responsible for his death. He also said he is happy about the release of the 'This is it' movie.

Other famous dead folk she tried to reach included William Shakespeare, but unfortunately his spirit was too 'weak' to answer questions… maybe he is just more of a Facebook ghost.

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