275x250.jpgA poll of movie fans has seen the Will Ferrell flick 'Elf' named as the best Christmas film of all time.

The 2003 movie beat of competition from the classic Miracle on 34th Street with Home Alone coming in third.

Other popular festive films included A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Snowman and Love Actually.

56 percent said they'd be sitting down to watch a classic Christmas film on Christmas Day while 41 percent said they'd be doing the same on Boxing Day.

Asked what makes a classic Christmas film, 64 percent said a happy ending was the most important thing... so they won't be watching Se7en then.

275x250.jpg Avatar had been named as the most pirated film of 2010 and was illegally downloaded more than 16.5 million times.

Experts from TorrentFreak say the record breaking James Cameron movie has the dubious honour of having been illegally downloaded more than any other movie.

Other frequently bittorrented movies included Kick-Ass (11.4m times) Inception (9.7m) Shutter Island    (9.4m) and Iron Man 2 (8.8m)

While studios complain this level of piracy harms the movie industry, it's worth noting Avatar has still grossed $2.8 billion.

Movies: Lakeview Terrace and Ghost Town

By Erik Samdahl

I’ve been asked to cover this week’s Hollywood movie releases, and while I have the urge to recommend Ghost Town, which stars that funny British guy from "The Office" – since News:Lite is run by a bunch of funny British people – I have to go with Lakeview Terrace, which appears guaranteed to not feature a single British accent.

Of course, nationalities have nothing to do with my preference – Ghost Town looks mildly amusing even if utterly unoriginal as far as man-almost-dies-but-is-saved-but-now-can-see-annoying-dead-people-who-want-him-to-do-things-for-him kind of flicks – instead, the thought of Samuel L. Jackson and Patrick Wilson (Little Children and Hard Candy) as two quarreling neighbors makes my blood boil.

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