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275x250.jpg A couple who found £21,480 on their Lancashire doorstep have been told by police that as the bizarre windfall as it has not been claimed.

Ian Roberts and Pam Curtis found the cash -- in £20 notes -- in a wicker basket on their doorstep last month, but being honest citizens they handed it to cops.

However, as it has been unclaimed for 28 days, the pair have now been told they can keep it to do what they want with.

And while we might have been planning an around the world trip, civic-minded Ian and Pam say they assume the cash was an anonymous contribution towards the £400,000 redevelopment of a local park.

The typical Brit is so cynical they will turn down a genuine offer free cash, it's been found… by people who tried to give away money on the street.

Customer Loyalty firm Ice sent out a group of people to busy bus stations wearing a sandwich board that read "Ask me to pay your bus fare and I will."

And it was a genuine offer, but commuters in Newcastle, Medway, Manchester, Perth and Leicester didn't trust the offer -- which ran during morning rush hour each day for a week -- and kept clear.

In fact the people struggle to give away free money to the extent that just 38 people in total across the country accepted the offer.

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