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275x250.jpg A supercar fannatic has launched the world's most expensive and exclusive carwash and detailing service -- which costs up to £12,000 for each individual motor.

Gurcharn Sahota, 30, prides himself on offering the world's best car wash and uses a computerised microscope to spot the tiniest blemishes not visible to the human eye.

The detailer can then spend 250 hours using over 100 cleaning fluids and buffing every inch of the car five times to please his mega-rich clients who include royalty, musicians, sports stars and actors.

If you don't think you clapped out old Fiesta is quite worth the £12,000 price-tag of his top-of-the-range cleans why not go for his basic option… like the 'typical' £700 service.

275x250.jpgA forgetful tourist accidentally left behind £500,000 worth of jewellery when she checked out of a luxury London hotel room.

The woman, who had been staying at London's Westbury Mayfair Hotel, checked out as normal last Monday... but when a chambermaid went to clean her room, she was left shocked.

That's because she found what could only be called a glittering treasure trove of jewels - including diamond-encrusted rings, a glitzy necklace and earrings - all lying in a chest of drawers of the £2,500-a-night suite.

The honest member of staff immediately reported the find to her boss who stashed the jewels in a safe while they tried to locate the woman who was thought to be American.

Because she had not left any contact details the hotel were unable to find the woman who was only reunited with her gems five days later when she phoned up in tears… much like the chambermaid who'd hoped they wouldn't be claimed.

275x250.jpgMost Brits think that to have the 'perfect life' they need a £100,000 salary, a house worth £1.6million and an Aston Martin on the driveway.

A survey of 3,000 people also found most would want two children, two foreign holidays a year and a working week which lasts just 21 hours.

However most of us are far from it, a worryingly hight 85 percent saying they are currently fed-up with their lives and far from where they want to be.

The majority of Brits also claim a pay rise of £32,000 and a holiday home in Cornwall would only go 'some way' to making them content with their lives.

Many said they would also want better health, more holidays and to be their own boss… but if they got to make a 'perfect life' wish, why do they want to work at all?

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