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Families will spend £1,695 on Christmas

275x250.jpgThe average family of four will spend a whopping £1,695 on Christmas this year, a study has revealed.

Presents alone will cost a total of £606 while a staggering £321 will be spent on food and drinks.

People will shell out £125 on decorations for the home, Christmas tree, garden and dinner tables and a further £22 on cards, wrapping paper and postage.

Christmas parties will also cost a small fortune - including £130 on new party outfits, £32 on party accessories such as handbags and jewellery, £15 on make-up and £15.08 on perfume or aftershave.

Suddenly I remember why I become a Jehovah’s Witnesses for 15 days of each year.

275x250.jpgThe average fast food fan will scoff a takeaway meal at least 25 times a year - spending £13.03 on each occasion, it has been found.

This adds up to an annual bill of £325.75 - or a massive £15,310,250,000 across the 47 million adults in the UK.

And this is despite a reported 43 per cent cutting back on the number of takeaways they consume during the credit crunch.

A study of 2,000 families found that Chinese is now the nation's favourite takeaway, followed by Indian and a pizza.

We don't think they meant they enjoy a Chinese followed by an Indian in the same night - but with the current obesity levels in the UK, who knows.

275x250.jpgWearing a different T-shirt each day has netted a US man £50,000 in the last year, after he decided to turn himself into a human billboard.

Jason Sadler, 27, a former marketing man from Florida hit upon the idea of charging companies to wear t-shirts with their around this time last year.

He set up the website and offered to hire out his torso by the day. On January 1st he would charge one dollar, on the January 2nd it would be two dollars right the way to December 31 when it would be $365.

He would then wear the shirt all day including in photos posted to Flickr and videos uploaded on YouTube.

Amazingly his idea took off and he sold all dates in 2009, with additional sponsorship he pocketed £50,000… not bad for getting dressed in a morning. 

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