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The 'modern gentleman' is now expected to text regularly and put the rubbish out rather than lay his coat down in a puddle or open doors, it's been found.

A recent survey discovered a combination of hectic modern lifestyles and technology have dramatically changed women's perception of what makes a true gent.
Other age-old traditions which are now all but dead are always paying for dinner and walking on the side of the pavement nearest to the road.
These have been apparently been replaced by bringing his partner a cup of tea in bed and looking after her if she has a hangover.
Another duty which is said to be expected of a modern gentleman is to let his partner watch her favourite soaps… which makes us think the women surveyed were seeing how far they could push it.

200x175.jpgMany men are left confused by fashion terminology and think the names of garments actually refer to other things, it's been found.

A recent poll quizzed 1,356 men on their knowledge of fashion terms by asking them to describe various clothing items.

But a surprising number of men were found to hold common misconceptions - such as the 41% who think a 'gilet' (a sleeveless jacket) is actually a type of knife.

34% also thought a 'pashmina' (a cashmere wool shawl) was a country, while another 22% said they thought it was a curry.

The odd news suggests there are plenty of men out there who you should NOT go shopping with… or for an Indian meal.

275x250.jpg Men who exhibit low stress levels are significantly more attractive to women, university researchers have found.

Psychologists at Abertay University took photos of men and measured their hormone levels before producing composite images of faces with low and high stress.

The images were then shown to women who were asked to judge how attractive the guys were - those with low levels of stress were said to be found much more attractive.

In unrelated news, we would just like to take this opportunity to point out how incredibly relaxed we are about the findings... and life in general.

275x250.jpg60% of men in a relationship have ended up in the dog house after buying their other half lingerie which doesn't fit, it has been found.

A survey of 3,000 women discovered millions of blokes have fallen into the trap of buying their partner underwear which is too small.

It was found a similar number of men have accidentally bought lingerie a size too big -- interestingly both mistakes often lead to "Are you saying I'm too fat" argument.

However, the most common complaint was that men buy the 'wrong style' of underwear and only consider what they want to see their wife of girlfriend wearing.

While buying bras which are 'too tarty' was the fourth most common complaint, buying underwear which is 'too frumpy' and 'not tarty enough' are eighth and tenth on the list -- making us wonder who's buying underwear for Goldilocks.

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