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275x250.jpg The world's first high-street shop where customers pay by Tweet instead of money has opened in central London dubbed "The Tweet Shop."

At the standalone retail outlet from Special K, customers are encouraged to put away their money and pay for Cracker Crisps by simply Tweeting a message about the snack.

The shop is staffed by a number of Special K girls in iconic red dresses who will check each customer's Tweet before handing over the crisps.

Kim Murray, 28 from London, was the first person to pay for the product with a Tweet at the Soho's Meard Street store. The shop is open from 9am to 5pm until Friday 28th September.

275x250.jpg A London taxi has been kitted out with microphones to record its surrounding noise and then convert it into music which is played out via 67 speakers built into the car body as it drives.

Dubbed "Sound Taxi" the work is the creation of London-based sound artist Yuri Suzuki who was working with headphone developer AiAiAi.

As such, passengers in the Sound Taxi can also tune-in to the converted sounds via headphones installed inside of the vehicle … in case they can't already hear it from the Indian horns mounted on top of the taxi’s roof. 

275x250.jpg At first glance this might look like an ordinary urban scene, but look a little closer and you'll see someone hiding among the fruit and veg having had their body painted in urban camouflage.

Artist Carolyn Roper had been hired by TV channel Really to help hide people in a bid to promote their show Covert Affairs.

The expertly painted people included a woman lying on a fruit and vegetable stand on Portobello Road, another sitting on a west London bus, and one standing in front of a black cab.

We'd like to say that commuters and onlookers were shocked … but we're not entirely sure how many even noticed.

275x250.jpg The humble roast dinner has topped the poll as Britain’s most nostalgic meal, a study has revealed.

More than half of 2,000 people polled said a roast with all the trimmings was most likely to evoke memories of the taste and sounds of a Sunday lunch, surrounded by their family as a youngster.

Runner up was Shepherd’s Pie, with rice pudding, egg and chips and bangers and mash closely following. Angel Delight came sixth, while beef stew and dumplings filled seventh.

Toad-in-the-hole came in at eighth while cheese on toast and beans on toast completed the top ten.

Researchers also found that 44% said a meal was most likely to remind them of their childhood simply because it was their favourite dish growing up.

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