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275x250.jpg Visitors to a shopping centre in London got a fright yesterday, when the doors to a lift opened and they were confronted with a collapsed floor and gaping lift shaft.

Luckily however, the shocked shoppers were never really in danger -- an artist had been hired to create the 3D illusion to promote the launch of a new ride at a theme park.

Bosses from Alton Towers had set-up the stunt to test the nerves of the public and see how they responded… and to plug their Nemesis Sub-Terra ride which opens on March 24.

One shopper said: "A deep, dark lift shaft is not what you expect to see on your average trip to the shops! It gave me a bit of a fright, but I quickly realised the joke was on me! I then had a laugh watching other people’s reactions a they walked past."

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