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275x250.jpg Exercise is normally good for you, but not when you do it like this. A weightlifter has reportedly shot himself by accidentally dropping a weight on a bullet.

The 56-year-old claims he was left with a 'gunshot' wound to his shoulder after dropping the dumbbell onto a rimfire .22 caliber bullet.

He says this caused the bullet to shoot towards him and leave him with the wound which required medical attention.

Police have confirmed they found no gun at the home, but that they come across a shell casing from a .22 caliber bullet.

They added that officers found the man's story suspicious, but not impossible.

A lorry driver in Norway has had a lucky escape when he survived an accident which saw his truck plunge 200ft down a snow-covered cliff.

The Lithuanian driver was being towed up a serpentine mountain road in Leirfjord, because it did not have the right tyres when it slid on the ice.

This caused it to tip over the guard rail and fall down the cliff taking the rescue vehicle with it.

While footage from another car shows the driver of the rescue truck jumping to safety at the last minute, the Lithuanian driver went down with the larger lorry and suffered several bone fractures.

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