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275x250.jpgA man has somehow survived after apparently driving his car off the rim of the Grand Canyon and plunging 200ft, authorities have said.

Despite motoring off the South Rim of the tourist destination the 21-year-old is said to have climbed back to the rim of the canyon to seek help.

After flagging down another driver, the man was taken to hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

National Park Service officials say his car was found lodged against a tree 200ft below the road and that there was another precipice about 10ft beyond the tree.

We know the Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular sights on the Earth, but promise us that if you ever visit, you'll keep your eyes on the road while driving, right?

275x250.jpgHe was trying to take a shortcut home from a music festival by wading through the middle of a lake, but not everything went to plan for Shane Parker.

That's because the 21-year-old took a wrong turn and became stuck neck-deep in mud and surrounded by potentially lethal tiger snakes.

He then spent the next seven hours trying to avoid the snakes while screaming for help, which came in the form of a man walking his dog the following morning.

Rescue workers were called and the mud-covered music fan was winched out of the muddy lake by helicopter, luckily managing to escape serious injury.

After bringing him back to land fire fighter used their hoses to wash him off… all the more embarrassing given there were TV cameras there.

A US man has had a relatively lucky escape after he was hit by a car and knocked through the window of a store in a terrifying accident.

CCTV footage shows convenience store worker Guillermo Ramirez was walking outside a store in Miami when a car ploughed onto the pavement and hit him.

The car carried on going and flew inside the Kwik Stop shop, bouncing Ramirez off the bonnet and through the window.

Amazingly (you'll agree once you've seen the video) he only suffered a few bumps and bruises and an injury to his hand.

As for the driver, they clearly couldn't find they were looking for in the impromptu drive-thru, they sped off shortly after the accident.

While we don't advise using a video camera while driving, it really didn't make much of a difference in his accident… and it made for some dramatic footage.

Wendy Cobb had been annoyed that two trucks driving ahead of her were holding up traffic in South Carolina, so she picked up a video camera and started filming them.

But she didn't expect what happened next. One of the trucks hit a piece of 2x4 which was sitting on the road, and kicked up up at her car, sending it flying straight at the windscreen.

While the wood dramatically smashed through the glass, Wendy was amazingly not injured in the terrifying accident, which is a stark reminder of the how quickly accidents can happen… and why you need to keep the camera rolling.

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