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This is the terrifying moment a lorry driver came face to face with a car driving the wrong way on a dual carriageway.

The driver of the white Vauxhall Corsa had joined the A90 near Aberdeen via the exit slip road and then soon realised her error.

As the 20-year-old woman veered around an oncoming lorry, she was confronted with another and couldn't avoid a collision.

The second lorry then rolled over, dropping a shipment of cement bags and landing at the side of the road.

Amazingly, no one was injured in the crash. And after watching this video one too many times we're really not sure how that can be the case.

It's not too often you can describe someone who get's buried in an avalanche as being lucky.

But we think Chris Bilbao is... as this video shows his pals were able to rescue him after he was recently engulfed by snow in British Columbia, Canada.

Bilbao - who was wearing a chest mounted video camera - was skiing down a slope in the Monashee mountains when the avalanche struck just behind him.

Within the time it took him to shout "Avalanche!" he was engulfed by the white stuff and his muffled screams for help can be heard on the dramatic video footage.

Luckily, after a very scary five minutes, his friends were able to locate him and dig him out with shovels. Those are the sort of friends you want.

275x250.jpgA 12-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after accidentally skiing into a bear's lair and being mauled by a mother protecting her cubs.

Olle Frisk had been enjoying the skiing in Funäsdalen, northern Sweden, when he took a wrong turn and found himself heading straight towards the lair.

The next thing the unfortunate lad remembers is seeing the irate mother bear jumping onto him and viciously attacking him in to bid to protect her three cubs.

In fact, she only stopped her assault when he 'played dead' and his pals were able to scare her off while Olle escaped and made his way down the slope.

While Olle was bitten on both legs, clawed on his back and says he thought he was going to die, he's now said to be recovering in a suitably bear-free hospital.

We don't know too much about this video -- but we do know this man is very lucky to be alive.

That's because he narrowly avoided getting crushed by a car as it careered into a wall in Los Angeles at about 50mph.

The fortunate pedestrian had just walked around a FedEx truck when a car swerved off the busy road an into his path.

As this CCTV footage show the car missed him by a matter of inches as it smashed into the wall.

Amazingly the man and the passengers in the car all escaped uninjured… and don't worry, that's oil or coolant pouring out, not blood.

A driver in Turkey has been hailed as a hero after leaping into action when a fuel tanker he was unloading caught fire at a petrol station.

This CCTV footage shows the terrifying moment flames shoot up out of the top of the tanker and everyone runs away. Everyone except Koçak, that is.

Realising a massive explosion could take out the entire station, Koçak jumped back into the burning vehicle and drove it 1km to safety.

As he drives off, leaking fuel can be seen catching light and it took 60 fire fighters to extinguish the subsequent flames which caused much damage.

Several witnesses have since congratulated Koçak and say his heroic actions saved many peoples lives. We are not sure the word hero quite does him justice.

There are not many good news stories coming out of Japan, which is why we have to look for positives where we can -- like this dramatic rescue.

A 60-year-old man has been saved from the roof of his house despite the Japan tsunami washing it 10 miles out to sea.

The man had reportedly gone back to his house to collect belongings after hearing that a big wave was coming, but not made it away in time.

As a result he was left stranded and forced to climb onto his roof when the wave struck, destroying his home in Minamisouma. Luckily, two days later, he was spotted floating at sea on the tin roof and rescued.

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