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275x250.jpgIt's not too often you can refer to someone who fell 1,000ft down a mountain as 'lucky' -- but Adam Potter certainly is.

The 36-year-old had been out climbing on Sgurr Choinnich Mor, five miles east of Ben Nevis, this weekend, when he lost his footing and suffered a potentially perilous  plunge.

Potter fell some 1,000ft down the 3,589ft Scottish slope, causing mountain rescue teams to fear that he could have been killed.

But when a nearby Royal Navy Sea King helicopter went to look for him, they could only see another standing near to where the accident had happened, or so they thought.

It was actually Potter, who had miraculously only suffered cuts and bruises and was stood up looking at a map, probably trying to plot the route he had fallen down.

275x250.jpgA man who filmed a video of himself lying down on railway track as a train passed over him has unsurprisingly been branded stupid.

In the video which was uploaded to YouTube, the man can be seen lying down in the middle of a track with his camera in from of him.

He then lies motionless as a train approaches and with a horn blaring and screeching brakes, passes over him.

Once clear the idiot looks behind him before grabbing his camera and running off, presumably to upload the footage to the internet.

A spokesperson for Network Rail branded the stunt as "stupidity in the extreme"… which we think is still an understatement.

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