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275x250.jpgSchool pupils who use social networks like Facebook and Twitter perform up to 20 percent worse in exams, claim researchers.

Academics say students active on Facebook also spend less time studying when they should be swotting up for the exams.

A team from the Open University Netherlands looked at 219 students and analysed their used of Facebook while they were studying.

It was found most were unable to multi-task, got distracted by what their online pals were doing and then performed worse in exams.

In fact grades were on average 20 percent lower than those who didn't use Facebook -- Newslite does not like this.

275x250.jpgComputer game-loving students could be in luck after a university started offing a course where they can get credit for playing.

The University of Florida has revealed an eight-week course entitled which requires students play the online game Starcraft.

It's claimed by instructor Nathaniel Poling just playing the game improves "Critical thinking, problem solving, resource management, and adaptive decision making".

But "21st century Skills in Starcaft" will also include viewing and analysis of recorded matches, written assignments and collaboration with other students.

Suddenly we feel (slightly) less guilty about spending so long playing Time Crisis when we were meant to be studying.

275x250.jpgMillions of Brits have tried to diagnose an illness online and ended up convincing themselves they're seriously ill or even dying, it has been found.

Researchers discovered more than six out of ten adults now turn to the web rather than their GP when they begin to feel under the weather.

And almost half of those have then convinced themselves they are suffering from a serious illness.

One-in-five even said they'd managed to worry themselves into believing they were in the early stages of a heart attack after Googling their symptoms.

In good news, the study give us hope the headache we're currently suffering might not be a brain tumour after all.

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