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275x250.jpgAn 89-year-old pensioner says he was shocked when an internet search for a crossword clue left him looking looking at porn.

Jack Sedgewick had been trying to solve the clue "Wild Asian Ass (6)" which was 14 across on his puzzle when he got the rude results.

The great-granddad claims he had typed the clue into a search engine before clicking through various results trying to find the answer.

He's reported as saying he was then sickened and shocked by the photos and videos of naked Asian girls he saw, though he continued clicking because he is a dedicated crossworder.

But the story has a happy ending (as did many of the search results), Jack eventually found the answer "onager", by changing his search to 'donkey sanctuaries'.

275x250.jpgWhen Google added an interactive game of Pac Man in place of their logo this weekend, most people assumed it was a harmless piece of fun.

But business experts now claim the game - there to celebrate 30 year of Pac Man - has cost businesses big in the number of hours of lost work.

It's said office workers around the world spent almost 5,000,000 hours playing the game on the Google shaped maze… mostly when they should have been working.

This means firms lost hours of potentially productive time and taking an average office salary of £17.50 per hour this equates to about £85m in lost productivity.

However it's not know if this is more or less time than is typically wasted checking Facebook pages -- anyway what are yo doing reading this, shouldn't you be working?

275x250.jpgGoogle have celebrated the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade game Pac-Man by letting people play it on the Google homepage.

The traditional Google doodle has been replaced by a fully working version of the game - their first ever interactive illustration - with the maze spelling out the search engine name.

Users can still do a normal search but the 'Feeling Lucky' option has been replaced with a 'Insert Coin' button to start the game - clicking twice allows you to play two-player.

What's slightly worrying is that there's a whole generation of web users who have never played the classic 8-bit game before, now I feel old.

275x250.jpgA Facebook page set up by a lovestruck web designer in a bid to find a girl he met on a train journey has become an online hit.

26-year-old Keir Moffatt launched the page after wishing he had asked a girl he met on a train from Cardiff to Bristol, out on a date.

Moffatt says he'd been captivate by the 'gorgeous' girl, but barely spoke to her on the journey, something he instantly regretted after getting off.

So he set up the Facebook page appealing for her, or anyone who knows her, to come forward - with the only details being the journey she was making and that she wore a blue head band.

While he hasn't yet heard from her the page has already attracted over 13,500 Facebook followers… including a few women who wouldn't mind a date with him themselves.

275x250.jpgFacebook is bad for your marriage according to researchers, who say it's cited in one-in-five UK divorces.

Legal experts looked at the paperwork for 5,000 divorces, discovering that 989 (about 20 percent) had references to Facebook within the text of the divorce petitions.

They claim this shows that Facebook can be bad for marriage by allowing people to contact previous partners and lost loves.

It's also said many people have unfounded worries their partner is using the social networking site in this way, but that this doubt can turn a relationship sour.

Rumours Facebook are changing 'Relationship' status options to include "Ruined by Facebook" have not been confirmed.

Ecologists in Canada have discovered a giant beaver dam which stretches 850m and can be seen from outer space -- by using Google Earth.

Jean Thie says he spotted the huge beaver dam by using Google Earth and NASA satellite technology while conducting research into melting permafrost.

He was looking at images of the country's wetlands in Alberta's Wood Buffalo National Park, when he saw the giant odd structure which can be seen from space.

Using other archive aerial photography it is predicted that rodents started construction during the 1970s and are still going… sounds like the last builders we had in.

An advert for a fart smothering blanket which claims to quickly absorb the odour of flatulence has become a YouTube hit.

The 'Better Marriage Blanket' is said to contain the same type of carbon fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons.

Since the ad - which claims to offer a "real solution to a very real problem" - was uploaded to YouTube, it's already been watched more than 1m times.

Denver science teacher Francis Bibbo says he created the material 15 years ago but it is only now coming to market as a product for gassy couples.

Makers say the £30 blanket makes an ideal wedding or anniversary gift for your loved one… or you could just cut down on the baked-beans.

275x250.jpgAfter recently joining Twitter, Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, has hired hundreds of staff to help him manage his account.

Chavez quickly gained more than 250,000 followers after signing up for the social networking and micro-blogging site where he has a 'verified account'.

But this meant he started receiving more messages that he was able to respond to, so he decided to hire in some help… an army of 200 Twitterers.

They will now respond to the incoming messages - which are said to be coming in at a rate of 30,000 per week - with official replies.

Chavez has described Twitter as "a weapon that needs to be used by the revolution -- which makes us feel bad for using it to talk about what we had for lunch.

275x250.jpg A dating website has been launched in the US which aims to introduce fans of Apple technology with each other.

Bosses at Cupidtino say Apple-fans tend to have more in common with each other, and that a shared love of Macs, iPhones and iPads can help romance grow.

They claim Apple users often have similar personalities, professions and sense of style, which means they are well suited to spending time with each other.

It's not known how many Apple-fans will sign up for the service, but can discriminating against people on the basis of their tech really be PC?

275x250.jpgA US man has scooped a prize of $1,000,000 -- by throwing a perfect game on a baseball computer game.

Wade McGilberry was rewarded with the cash after taking part in a competition organised by the makers of MLB 2K10, to find the top virtual pitcher.

Contestants had to record a video of themselves playing and then submit it to game bosses to prove they were better than anyone else.

Amazingly it was on the first day of the contest Wade threw a verified perfect game on the console -- a feat many people though was impossible.

His reward, the $1,000,000… and never having to apologise to his wife for playing video games rather than doing the washing up.

275x250.jpgEntrepreneurial-minded Icelanders have started selling jars of ash from the Eyjafjallajökull Glacier volcano online.

They're collecting the volcanic ash in buckets and then packaging it in 160g jars before selling it for £21.

Sellers say the idea started when locals began getting asked to send bits of ash to friends in the post.

Profits are being donated to ICESAR association which helps farmers clean up their property from ash damage.

It's claimed the ash cloud jars give people the chance to own a piece of modern history… just don't buy one for someone whose flights got delayed.

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