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Twitter named top word of 2009

275x250.jpgTwitter has been named as the most popular word of the year - meaning it was discussed more than any other topic in the last 12 months.

The social networking site beat off competition from Obama, H1N1, Vamires and Stimulus, which made up the top 5 words of the year.

Texas-based Global Language Monitor looked at how many times different subjects had been discussed online and in the media with the 140 character site coming top.

Other popular words in 2009 included: 2.0, Deficit, Hadron, Healthcare and Transparency.

To be honest, looking at the top 10 words of the year we can't help but hope that 2010 is a bit more interesting.

275x250.jpgRun for your lives. This satellite image clearly shows a Zombie uprising has started in Washington. 

Oh, hang on. If you haven't already run off to get your shotgun, it turns out you don't have to worry. This is actually just a "zombie outbreak simulator."

The software which runs on Google maps has been created to let you see how a zombie attack would pan out in the real world.

Users enter a number of zombies and infection variables such as zombie speed, infection rate, number of civilians, how many are armed and their shooting accuracy.

Then you get to sit back and watch how you, your friends and family would get chased down, attacked and infected by the army of the undead - sounds like a chilling way to spend the evening.

Hit MPs with custard pies to win a new life

275x250.jpgAn online game where players pelt MPs like Gordon Brown with custard pies has become an online hit - not only for the obvious reasons, but because gamers could also win a new life in Spain.

Players on "MPs’ Expenses Custard Pie Shootout" who hit the MP of their choice six times or more in 30 seconds, could go on to win the £1 million new life in Spain.

The winner will get a £700,000 sports bar and restaurant in the sunny Costa del Sol, along with 12 months’ free accommodation in a two-bedroom apartment.

Unfortunately they will not get the chance to recreate their custard pieing in real life.

Facebook spy warning for employers

275x250.jpgCompanies have been warned that vetting potential job candidates on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter could land them in hot water.

The Law Society has warned the online spying could leave employers vulnerable to discrimination claims.

John Morris, Chair of the Law Society’s Employment Law Committee said: "Using these sites to canvass more information about an employee or an interview candidate is potentially risky for an employer.
"For example, it is possible to obtain information about a person’s sexual orientation or religious beliefs that can impact or is perceived to impact on the decision made to recruit or not recruit that person- this can lead to discrimination claims."
There is also the risk employers could see an update which says "Got an interview and that shit company, boring as, but at least they pay well."

Funny Twitter feed to become TV show

275x250.jpgA US TV station has snapped up a funny Twitterer - to make a show based on his 140 character tweets.

CBS have bought the rights to @Shitmydadsays - which details the amusing ponderances of Justin Halpern's 73-year-old dad.

Typical pdates include things like, "You look just like Stephen Hawking... Relax, I meant like a non-paralyzed version of him. Feel better?... Fine. Forget I said it."

Justin is now expected to work with the creators of sitcom Will & Grace to produce the show which will air next year.

We are guessing the first this will be to change the name to something a little more TV friendly.

275x250.jpgCall Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the most anticipated computer game of the year, has received a Hollywood movie-style launch bringing part of London to a standstill.

As fans queued for stores which were opening at midnight, trucks filled with actors dressed as military characters from the game passed by.

There was also a VIP party at Vue Cinema in Leicester Square attended by movie and TV stars and hosted was by Vernon Kay (never mind).

Modern Warfare 2 is expected to become the biggest-selling game of all time and the last game in the Call of Duty series sold over 13 million copies.

Experts predict more than 1,000,000 copies of the latest game will sell within the next week -- meaning any girlfriends should probably buy themselves a bottle of wine and a Friends box-set to keep themselves entertained.

Facebook group finds owner of lost camera

275x250.jpgA lost camera has been reunited with its owner after 230,000 people on Facebook launched a campaign to locate him.

The camera was found by Aussie Danny Cameron on the Greek island of Mykonos this summer, he looked around but couldn't find the camera's owner.

He then looked at the images and spent a day of his holiday trying to find anyone of the people in the images, to no avail.

He then turned to Facebook setting up a group 'Needle In A Haystack' which he hoped would find the camera owner as an experiment of Six degrees of separation.

After 230,000 joined the group someone finally recognised the people in the images and the French owner of the camera was located -- hopefully he is not friends with his insurance company on Facebook.

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