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This story can safely be filed in the 'headlines which can be answered with the word no' category, but some TV viewers think this news broadcast filmed a ghost.

On Monday evening, Harriet Prest had broadcast a report on ITV London Tonight, detailing a serious road accident which happened on the M11.

And while nothing unusual was noticed at the time, as soon as the show went out, viewers started notice spooky goings-on. Namely an odd shadow in the background.

Chatting online, many viewers speculated that the mystery 'blob' was spiritual energy trying to cross the road and that the footage proved the existence of ghosts.

However, and you knew this was coming, show bosses say the 'ghost' was actually a out-of-focus insect crawling on the lens. It's ALWAYS an insect on the lens.

275x250.jpg This amazing photo shows the moment when a young boy's ghostly playmate was captured in a photograph taken with a mobile phone, a family have claimed.

Julie Smith, 52, says she was amazed when she first saw the picture, taken by her daughter showing her grandson, five-year-old Sirus, standing next to a childlike, spectral figure.

The photo was taken in the family home in Redhill, Surrey, where it's claimed there have been a series of spooky goings-on including things regularly being moved around.

Julie - who insists the photo is not faked - says she and her daughter Sarah are not too bothered by the ghostly apparition as Sirus always seems to get on well with the spook.

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