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275x250.jpg We can't think of much worse than having to run a marathon -- except maybe running a marathon while wearing a bizarre and uber-geeky harness which would broadcast our every step online.

But that is exactly what Joseph Tame will do when he runs in the Tokyo marathon on Sunday after building himself a 'Mobile Social Media Studio' out of iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices

The 33-year-old media producer will use his balmy-looking iRun gizmo to stream the entire 26.2 miles live to social networking sites.

During the race he will communicate with followers on Twitter, broadcast his position vis GPS and stream video on Ustream… if anyone wants to see and increasing exhausted man making his way around Tokyo.

275x250.jpgThe inventor of the world's most complex Rubik's cube - complete with 1,539 segments - says it's so hard to do, it's even left him puzzled.

Oskar van Deventer says that after hearing about people building their own larger Rubik's cube style puzzles, he decided to give it a go.

However, while others were happy to make a cube only slightly bigger then the classic 3x3x3, he set about creating a 17x17x17 monster.

It took the electrical engineer from the Netherlands, more than 60 hours and £1,500 to produce the colossus, which was 3D printed by

But that appears to have been the easy bit. Because while he can finish a classic Rubik's cube in about two minutes, Oskar hasn't yet been able to do his own creation. Oops.

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