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A cycle lane in the US has been given a Nintendo inspired make-over with Mario Kart speed-up arrows and invincibility stars.

It's not know who decorated the lane but they added all the symbols from the game are there including boost mushrooms and slippery bananas.

And some gaming-mad cyclists on North Williams Avenue have even started responding accordingly when the pass over the symbols.

They speed up after traveling over the arrows and try to dodge the bananas which cause you to crash in the hit game.

Lets just hope the bike riders don't think they really are invincible after cycling over a star… otherwise they'll find out why Nintendo didn't add articulated lorries

275x250.jpg Designers have created a set of amazing faux vintage adverts for websites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Skype.

Intended to capture the essence and enthusiasm of the golden age American advertising the ads are actually promote a series of 'Everything Aged Fast' media seminars.

Created by a Brazilian agency they take the modern sites and consider how they would have been advertised if they'd existed in the 1950s.

Slightly weird is the fact that while many people in the 50s had high-tech visions of the future, nothing like the internet, let alone Facebook was considered, though they did say we'd have jet-packs by now… WHERE ARE OUR JET-PACKS?

275x250.jpgA baker has created an amazing cake inspired by the Doctor Who villains the Daleks … and couldn't help calling it an 'EX-TER-MI-CAKE!'

The 2ft tall realistically detailed cake took 50 hours to make to scale and was based on the Dalek design from the BBC series between 2005-2009.

It's made from cherry chocolate, weighs around 20 kilos and even features fondant icing details like the 'plunger' weapons.

Makers say the cake was so heavy the base and head needed to be made from styrofoam or a forklift would have been needed to move it.

And being a typical Dalek that would have meant it had problems being taken up stairs.

A gang of robbers have found out the hard way that you can only push a geek gamer so far… trying to take his Nintendo DS.

The would-be robbers had stormed into a Hawaii gaming cafe and assaulted staff before making demands for cash from gamers.

And the robbery was all going to plan - with people begrudgingly handing over their money - until one of the raiders told a game fan to give him his Nintendo DS.

The irate gamer reacted like he'd just received a power-up and struck back, first by charging at the crook fists swinging, and pulling him to the ground.

At that point other members of the gang fled… probably to go back home and play GTA where it's a bit easier to get away with a crime.

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