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275x250.jpg A video of a man walking across America - which was made using stop-motion photography and 2,770 images - has become a massive online hit.

Since it was uploaded a week ago, over a million people have already watched the video of Michael Johnson walking his way from New York to San Francisco.

Producers took thousands of still photographs of Michael walking during a 14-day trip
from one side of America to the other, then carefully put them together the create the dramatic effect.

The result is so impressive it almost doesn't matter that the production was paid for by Levi's which features prominently at the end. Almost.

275x250.jpgYouTube has added a secret version of the classic arcade game Snake, which can now be played while videos are loading.

The game - a hit on early mobile phones - can currently be unlocked on the video site by pressing a series of buttons as a video buffers.

When the flashing circle of dots appear to signify the clip is loading, users wanting the play the game need to press the up and/or left cursor button.

At that point the game appears over the top of the video screen and you have to guide the growing snake around the screen, eating dots and avoiding running into your own body.

For the full 1990s/early 2000s effect the game should probably be played over the top of a video showing the screen of a Nokia phone. 

275x250.jpgSomeone who spends far too long staring at their computer has claimed they've found an image of Jesus... on Google Earth.

Zach Evans, from Southampton, says he was looking at possible holiday destinations when he stumbled upon the christ-like image in a Hungarian field.

He insists he's not the sort of person to look for religious icons everywhere he goes, but found the image on farmland near Puspokladany too striking to ignore.

Obviously this isn't the first time, and it won't be the last, that Jesus is spotted in everyday items with previous examples including toast, irons and drainpipes.

However, if you have a pareidolia predilection we want to see what you see -- feel free to send us photos of any odd sighting in everyday objects.

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