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275x250.jpg A UK man has become the first person in the world to be infected by a computer virus - and he did it himself, intentionally.

Mark Gasson contaminated a computer chip which had earlier been inserted into his hand as part of research into human enhancement and implantable devices.

The the University of Reading scientist had been implanted with the RFID chip to do things like access buildings, unlock his mobile phone and be tracked.

But then he infected the implant with a virus to prove that (he) could then pass on the virus to other computers.

275x250.jpgWhen Google added an interactive game of Pac Man in place of their logo this weekend, most people assumed it was a harmless piece of fun.

But business experts now claim the game - there to celebrate 30 year of Pac Man - has cost businesses big in the number of hours of lost work.

It's said office workers around the world spent almost 5,000,000 hours playing the game on the Google shaped maze… mostly when they should have been working.

This means firms lost hours of potentially productive time and taking an average office salary of £17.50 per hour this equates to about £85m in lost productivity.

However it's not know if this is more or less time than is typically wasted checking Facebook pages -- anyway what are yo doing reading this, shouldn't you be working?

275x250.jpg A dating website has been launched in the US which aims to introduce fans of Apple technology with each other.

Bosses at Cupidtino say Apple-fans tend to have more in common with each other, and that a shared love of Macs, iPhones and iPads can help romance grow.

They claim Apple users often have similar personalities, professions and sense of style, which means they are well suited to spending time with each other.

It's not known how many Apple-fans will sign up for the service, but can discriminating against people on the basis of their tech really be PC?

275x250.jpgA US man has scooped a prize of $1,000,000 -- by throwing a perfect game on a baseball computer game.

Wade McGilberry was rewarded with the cash after taking part in a competition organised by the makers of MLB 2K10, to find the top virtual pitcher.

Contestants had to record a video of themselves playing and then submit it to game bosses to prove they were better than anyone else.

Amazingly it was on the first day of the contest Wade threw a verified perfect game on the console -- a feat many people though was impossible.

His reward, the $1,000,000… and never having to apologise to his wife for playing video games rather than doing the washing up.

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