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275x250.jpgApple have today released the official prices of the iPad 2 which goes on sale on Friday -- and they are a lot cheaper than this one.

That's because Apple have set prices of £399 to £659 for their versions of the iPad 2 and this one comes in at a whopping £5,000,000.

It's been given the bling treatment by jeweller Stuart Hughes who created a  24ct gold back with 53 individually set sparkling gems making up the iconic Apple logo.

The front - which normally only comes in black or white - is made from Ammolite, 75 million-year-old rock which has been finished with T-REX Dinosaur’s thigh bone.

If you are set on spending £5m on an iPad 2, but don't fancy the diamond home button, you could always buy 12,531 of the basic 8GB wifi only iPad 2, or 7,587 of the 64GB 3G version.

275x250.jpgA man who returned his iPad 2 to Apple along with a note saying "Wife said no" has been given it back free of charge, with a note saying "Apple said yes".

At least that's the story currently doing the rounds after it was posted on MacRumours and picked up by several news outlets.

Apple keep a record of the reasons people give if returning a product to an Apple store and it's claimed this one was circulated by amused employees.

When two Apple VPs heard the story they are said to have decided to ship the iPad 2 back to the customer as gift along with the "Apple said Yes" note.

While it's a great story if true, we're not sure if we believe it… and neither will your wife if you tell her Apple gave you your new toy gratis too.

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