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275x250.jpg A gorilla appeared to be having great fun with a Nintendo DSi XL games console which had been accidentally dropped into a US zoo enclosure be a clumsy gamer.

The young butter-fingered computer game fan had been fiddling with his handheld console when he slipped and dropped it at San Francisco Zoo.

Unfortunately for the poor lad, the game dropped into the gorilla enclosure and, being bright red, soon attracted the attention of the big apes.

One picked it up and started playing with it but staff soon persuaded him to give it back in exchange for an apple. That's the fruit… he wasn't upgrading to a laptop.

275x250.jpgBBC laptops and mobile phones worth over £240,000 have been accidentally lost or stolen during the past two years, the Beeb has revealed.

The corporation made the embarrassing announcement after a Freedom of Information request was lodged about lost tech.

It's said 146 laptops, 65 mobile phones and 17 Blackberry devices went missing between April 2008 and March 2010.
While 19 items worth £23,450 were later recovered, this leaves the final bill for lost gadgets at a still massive £217,569.

And to put this into perspective… that's probably about seven seconds of Top Gear.

275x250.jpgA mobile phone for those with hearing difficulties has been released -- capable of a blaring out an ear-splitting 100 decibel ring-tone.

Makers say the Amplicom M6000 is ideal for anyone suffering from hearing loss because it can ring as loud as a vuvuzela being blown next to your head.

And once users realise their phone in ringing they can boost the in-call volume to a level normally reserved for passing motorbikes.

The £120 handset also features extra-large buttons and an SOS panic button which can be set to call a predetermined number.

In odd news, while the phone is clearly targeted at older users it's also now expected to be a hit with younger concert-goers who can't normally hear calls.

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