275x250.jpg Many city cyclists struggle to get themselves noticed as they do battle with cars, buses and lorries. But not any more, meet the Hornster ... a bicycle equipped with a horn that is louder than Concorde.

At close quarters the Hornster bicycle emits 178 decibels; a level of sound so powerful that if used in anger it could deafen any motorist who veered too close.
The Hornster bicycle was developed by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) to highlight the dangers that cyclists face on city roads. Trucks are involved in over half of cyclist fatalities that occur in London.

The triple air horn fitted to the bicycle is an Airchime KH3A from an American locomotive, which has been adapted to run off a scuba diving cylinder. 

For most people, testing their new iPad 3 might involve looking at images on that high-resolution screen or seeing how fast the internet access is -- bit not for Richard Ryan.

Instead the gun-owning Apple fan decided to shoot his new gadget with a series of weapons including a Tech Assassin HK53 assault rifle.

His resulting slow-motion video -- filmed on a shooting range -- shows the iPad 3 being set up and them targeted with the guns.

When the first weapon doesn't quite do the damage Ryan was hoping for, he opts for something with a little more firepower. The result? An iPad no amount of AppleCare could help.

275x250.jpg Digital cameras seem to be getting smaller and smaller -- but this is just ridiculous. Meet the world's smallest camera!

Balancing on the end of a finger it's clear to see the camera is small, however it's still fully functional and boasts a 2 megapixel sensor for photos and video.

Measuring just over one inch in all dimensions and weighing only half an ounce, the £65 camera appears to require Lilliputian dexterity, but retailers insist it's easy to use.

A spokesperson for Hammacher Schlemmer said of the diminutive device: "A human finger can snap a picture with a touch of the shutter button.

Wooden iPad sold by scammers for $180

275x250.jpg A US woman found out the hard way why you shouldn't buy an iPad 2 in a McDonald's car -- she paid $180 for a piece of wood painted to look like an Apple device.

22-year-old Ashley McDowell says she was approached by two men as she went to buy a burger from the store in South Carolina and they said they were selling iPads.

The men claimed to have bought Apple iPads in bulk and were selling them for $300. they then showed her a working model and agreed to sell her one for $180.

But when she got her new iPad 2 home, she opened the FedEx box she had been given and discovered it contained a piece of wood painted black with an Apple logo. 

ipad shopping trolley In a bid to get more men into the supermarket, a Sainsbury's store in Kensington, London, has fitted iPad docking stations onto their shopping trolleys.

It's said this means blokes don't have to feel disconnected while doing the grocery shop and could even keep up-to-date with the latest scores by streaming football matches.

The high-tech trolley -- which could be rolled out to other stores if successful -- features a tilting iPad holder and speakers mounted to the handle.

Anticipating iPad using shoppers could find themselves distracted the trolley also has a front bumper with a sensor which lets off a warning beep if you get too close to other shoppers.

275x250.jpgApple have today released the official prices of the iPad 2 which goes on sale on Friday -- and they are a lot cheaper than this one.

That's because Apple have set prices of £399 to £659 for their versions of the iPad 2 and this one comes in at a whopping £5,000,000.

It's been given the bling treatment by jeweller Stuart Hughes who created a  24ct gold back with 53 individually set sparkling gems making up the iconic Apple logo.

The front - which normally only comes in black or white - is made from Ammolite, 75 million-year-old rock which has been finished with T-REX Dinosaur’s thigh bone.

If you are set on spending £5m on an iPad 2, but don't fancy the diamond home button, you could always buy 12,531 of the basic 8GB wifi only iPad 2, or 7,587 of the 64GB 3G version.

275x250.jpgA man who returned his iPad 2 to Apple along with a note saying "Wife said no" has been given it back free of charge, with a note saying "Apple said yes".

At least that's the story currently doing the rounds after it was posted on MacRumours and picked up by several news outlets.

Apple keep a record of the reasons people give if returning a product to an Apple store and it's claimed this one was circulated by amused employees.

When two Apple VPs heard the story they are said to have decided to ship the iPad 2 back to the customer as gift along with the "Apple said Yes" note.

While it's a great story if true, we're not sure if we believe it… and neither will your wife if you tell her Apple gave you your new toy gratis too.

275x250.jpg A bizarre iPhone and iPad app which digitally helps gizmo-wielding Catholics to confess has been officially approved by the Catholic Church.

"Confession: A Roman Catholic App" has been designed to be used in the confessional and guide sinners through the process.

In addition to logging how long it has been since their last confession, the £1.19 app provides a step-by-step guide to the sacrament and prayers.

Makers are keen to stress the app is not designed to replace confessing before a validly ordained Roman Catholic priest… because then if your iPhone crashed you would go straight to hell.

200x190.jpgJust because the iPhone is one of the most technologically advanced communication devices known to man, doesn't mean it has to look it.

At least that's the idea behind a new case which is designed to make your Apple gizmo look more like a 1980s-style handset.

Makers Thumbs-Up say they hope the retro styling of their £12.99 80s iPhone Case will be a hit with phone users who are looking for something a bit different.

After sliding their iPhone into the retro holder, users have a device which looks like it could have come straight out of Del Boy's hand, but still has all the mod cons.

And because the iPhone can sometimes have a dubious call quality, your shouting into the handset just makes the whole thing look more authentically 80s.

275x250.jpgA Chinese Canadian inventor who impressed the internet by creating a water-powered jet-pack says it is now due to go on sale.

The JetLev device can power a user 30ft into to air and allows them to travel at 22mph across water by  constantly sucking it up via a hose and then blasting it back down.

Users control the thrust and direction via an arm which hangs over their shoulders from the light weight backpack.

Raymond Li - who spent 10 years perfecting the device - says it's finally ready to go on sale for £60,000 each and sure to become a must-have toy for  fancy holiday resorts

But he also reckons the JetLev could also be employed in search and rescue missions. Unfortunately it won't be any good for your daily commute… unless you're a fisherman.

It's said more women are beginning to play video-games, but not this one -- the SEGA Toylet is very much only for men.

That's because the bizarre console is only fitted to urinals and is used by players peeing at a sensor to control the action

Toylet games consoles are currently being installed on the toilets at metro stations in Tokyo and will offer bladder-emptiers four mini-games.

As men target their pee, LCD screens above the urinal shows the games which rewards the strength, length and accuracy.

Games include ones to compete with previous 'players' to see who has the strongest flow or who can pee the longest… they undoubtedly cause many missed trains.

275x250.jpgResearchers have created a device which they claim could help people overcome their fear of the dentists - by canceling out the sound of the drill.

Experts at Brunel University say the anxiety-inducing sound can be eliminated by using their gadget which plugs into an MP3 player.

This then uses a microphone and adaptive filtering to cancel out the high-pitched drill noise, while allowing the patient to hear the music and what their dentist is saying.

It's hoped use of the device could encourage more people to visit the dentist as it's the sound of the drill which is said to prevent many people from seeking treatment.

The dental team are currently looking for an investor to help bring the device to market… but investors are probably too scared to meet them. 

275x250.jpgA designer who creates extravagant technology using rare materials has done it again -- making an iPhone 4 from 65-million year old dinosaur teeth and a meteor.

Stuart Hughes says only 10 of the 'HISTORY edition' phones will be made -- but given he's selling for £40,000 each that's probably enough.

The phone, dubbed the 'ultimate dog and bone', has a blinging 8.5ct IF flawless diamond bezel, platinum plates and a diamond Apple logo.

But this is nothing compared to the finish of the rear, it's carved from a  65-million-year-old prehistoric T-Rex tooth and meteoric stone.

If you don't think having a £40,00 dinosaur tooth and meteor iPhone is quite enough of a statement, remember there's always the £5 MILLION phone.

275x250.jpgBikes get stolen. Even when locked to a lamp posts -- but what if they where locked to a lamp post and raised 15ft off the ground?

That's the question a group of German inventors asked themselves shortly before creating a lamp post-climbing bike lock.

The team from German electronic components firm Conrad dreamt up the gizmo as part of a recent advertising campaign.

Made from motorised skateboard wheels, the device locks a cycle to a lamppost and then climbs 15ft up taking your bike out of the reach of crooks.

Bikers then simply press a button on a remote control to get their bike returned when they're ready to ride off… unless the battery has run out, or someone had locked their bike under yours.

275x250.jpg Most new mobile phones do all sorts of clever things like shoot HD video, access the internet and work as a sat-nav, but not all… meet the un-smartphone.

Hailed as the world's simplest phone, the £67 "John's Phone" is a "basic backlash" targeting users who don't want to check their Twitter feed or update Facebook.

In fact, all this phone does is make and receive calls, nothing else. There's no colour screen and the face features simply the numbers and a "Hello" and "Bye" buttons.

Well that's not entirely true, users can access an address book and play games… but these are in a paper book which slots into the rear.

275x250.jpgAn ultra-loud alarm clock has gone on sale which should wake most people up -- because it rings at a massive 90 decibels.

That means the Amplicom TCL 200 is as loud as a lorry driving past your bed or someone blowing a Vuvuzela on your bedside table. At 6:30am.

Makers say the ear-splitting alarm clock is designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but could also be useful for incredibly deep sleepers.

If the noise isn't enough to wake you there are also bright flashing LEDs on the top, and if that won't do it, there's also a vibrating pad which can be tucked under your pillow.

All things considered this thing should wake you up… and probably your neighbours too. Even if they're dead.

275x250.jpgA bug in the iPhone operating system meant thousands of people were late for work today -- when their alarm clock went off an hour late.

While Apple iPhone 4 users saw their gadget automatically update when the clocks went back at the weekend, an apparent bug meant this did not synchronise with alarms.

As a result, people all across Europe who rely on their phone as an recurring alarm clock, found themselves waking up an hour later than expected.

Twitter was flooded with messages from disgruntled iPhone owners who'd had an unexpected lie-in.

iPhone users are now being advised to delete all recurring alarms and creating new alarm alerts… or just keep turning up late and using the same excuse.

275x250.jpgSony have finally stopped producing cassette Walkmans, first launched in 1979 -- leaving many people wondering what took so long.

The Japanese tech giant have announced they released their last cassette-based Walkmans in April of this year, and that when they are sold, no more will be produced.

This mean that despite selling more than 200 million units, cassette Walkmans will join floppy discs on the 2010 technology scrapheap.

The cassette Walkman was first introduced in 1979 with the classic TPS-L2 and soon became a world-wide hit allowing people to listen to music on the move for the first time.

In addition to their new MP3 models, Sony will continue to sell CD and MiniDisc versions of Walkmans… for now… but really, how long can they have left?

People think nothing of holding a mobile phone to their mouth despite the fact most have more germs per square inch than doorknob or toilet seat.

But now - hoping this statistic will scare us - a device has been launched which promised to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria on phones and other gadgets.

The VIOlight is a £30 gadget cleaner which is said to decrease the number of E. coli, salmonella, listeria, and H1N1 virus germs on your phone.

It works by zapping your MP3 player, mobile phone or earbuds with a blue-violet light from a germicidal UV bulb for around three minutes.

However, we can see a problem, once our phones and other small gadgets are clean, how do we clean the germ infested bigger ones… like our new VIOlight?

The typical Brit now spends more than NINE HOURS every day fiddling with gadgets, it's been found.

Researchers discovered the average adult uses a computer for four hours a day, plus another hour and a half on a laptop.

In addition they will also surf the web, text and use email or social media on their smart phones for another 56 minutes each day.

Computer games take up another 38 minutes of the average day, while the same amount of time will be spent using an mp3 player.

The study also showed the average Brit spends 16 minutes switching channels on the television… when they can prise the remote from their partner.

People in Britain are so in love with their iPads, iPhones and other gadgets they experience sadness comparable to the break-up of a relationship when they stop working or are lost, it's been found.

A recent poll quizzed 3,000 people about their attitudes towards technology and found many experience a emotional relationship with it.

For example, 46% say they have similar feelings when buying a phone as when falling in love and 10% dream about a new gadget before getting it.

Over half claimed they also felt experience genuine emotional distress when tech breaks down and 10% admit they love their gadgets more than their partners.

This could explain the one in 20 who say they have been dumped due to loving technology a little too much.

Top 10 most pointless iPhone apps revealed

A talking cat, flying cow and a pretend pint of beer have been named and shamed as the 'Most pointless iPhone applications ever invented'.
Also making the top ten was the Cat Piano, a lighter app and Hold On!, which requires users to press a button down for as long as they can.
A crude app called Rate a Fart, where the smart phone gives the owner's flatulence a score out of ten, was also named.
However, while these apps are considered totally pointless, the average iPhone user admits spending 10 minutes a day on them - or 2.5 days a year.

People said the most common place to browse apps is in waiting rooms -- which is obviously a lie, but would you want to tell researcher what you do in the loo.

275x250.jpgThe electric candle has been named as the most useless gadget of all time.

The flameless light source, which can be powered by batteries or mains, beat electric nail files and laser-guided scissors to claim the dubious honour.

Other engineering follies to make the top twenty dire devices include the bread-maker, electric fluff removers and the mini disk player, also made the top ten.

Three quarters of people admit to having bought a gadget they've rarely used and half said they've regretted a gadget purchase.

The list emerged from a poll carried out among 3,000 Brits… who probably all have that familiar drawer of useless tech.

275x250.jpgThe Apple iPhone just became a lot more useful -- after a protective case was revealed which also doubles as a beer bottle opener.

iBottleOpener functions as a normal run-of-the-mill iPhone case, protecting the device from all the usual scratches and drops

But on the rear it reveals a classic bottle opener which inventor Zack Cram, from California, says he couldn't believe hadn't been added earlier.

And Apple might want to consider building one into the next version of the iPhone because demand for the £15 case is so high it sold out within two days.

Makers say they're struggling to produce the bottle opening cases fast enough… but that they've already submitted a patent for a wine corkscrew iPhone case.

275x250.jpg A gorilla appeared to be having great fun with a Nintendo DSi XL games console which had been accidentally dropped into a US zoo enclosure be a clumsy gamer.

The young butter-fingered computer game fan had been fiddling with his handheld console when he slipped and dropped it at San Francisco Zoo.

Unfortunately for the poor lad, the game dropped into the gorilla enclosure and, being bright red, soon attracted the attention of the big apes.

One picked it up and started playing with it but staff soon persuaded him to give it back in exchange for an apple. That's the fruit… he wasn't upgrading to a laptop.

275x250.jpgBBC laptops and mobile phones worth over £240,000 have been accidentally lost or stolen during the past two years, the Beeb has revealed.

The corporation made the embarrassing announcement after a Freedom of Information request was lodged about lost tech.

It's said 146 laptops, 65 mobile phones and 17 Blackberry devices went missing between April 2008 and March 2010.
While 19 items worth £23,450 were later recovered, this leaves the final bill for lost gadgets at a still massive £217,569.

And to put this into perspective… that's probably about seven seconds of Top Gear.

275x250.jpgA mobile phone for those with hearing difficulties has been released -- capable of a blaring out an ear-splitting 100 decibel ring-tone.

Makers say the Amplicom M6000 is ideal for anyone suffering from hearing loss because it can ring as loud as a vuvuzela being blown next to your head.

And once users realise their phone in ringing they can boost the in-call volume to a level normally reserved for passing motorbikes.

The £120 handset also features extra-large buttons and an SOS panic button which can be set to call a predetermined number.

In odd news, while the phone is clearly targeted at older users it's also now expected to be a hit with younger concert-goers who can't normally hear calls.

275x250.jpgFor many people there would be nothing sweeter than receiving an Apple iPad as a gift -- unless it was coated in chocolate.

Stefan Magdalinski knew his Apple obsessed wife Kay would love an iPad for her birthday so had one imported from London to South Africa.

But he didn't stop there, he also wanted to give her a special treat and delay the surprise of her finding out.

So he commissioned a luxury chocolate shop in London to coat the high-tech gadget in milk chocolate using a carbon-freezing process.

After somehow getting through customs - we can only imaging what this looked like on an x-ray - the package was shipped to South Africa.

275x250.jpgAshes to Ashes actress Keeley Hawes will provide the voice of Tomb Raider heroine Lara Croft in the latest version of the hit game.

It had been thought Hawes - who first voiced Lara in 2006 - may have retired from the audio role after recent on-screen success in the BBC drama alongside old-school copper Gene Hunt.

But Eidos have now confirmed she will once again lend her dulcet tones to the upcoming 'Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light' game.

Guardian of Light will be the fist download-only game in the Tomb Raider franchise and is due to be released on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam this summer.

Unfortunately for Hawes fans it is highly unlikely she will be squeezing into skin-tight Lara Croft outfit to promote the game.

275x250.jpgFashion designers have created a dress which is sure to 'light up a room' - thanks to 24,000 tiny LED bulbs embroidered on it.

The Galaxy Dress has been made by fashion company CuteCircuit for "Fast Forward: Inventing the Future" exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

The 2mm square full-colour LEDs make it the largest wearable display in the world and the circuits are extra-thin, flexible, and hand embroidered on a layer of silk so it still moves like a normal dress.

The LEDs are covered in 4 layers of silk chiffon and are powered by a number of iPod batteries - makers also promise that it won't get too hot.

But wearing it could leave you feeling a little like Cinderella... the batteries will only last for about 30 minutes.

Women getting better with gadgets than men

275x250.jpgIt's increasingly becoming women who do most of the technological household chores like tuning a TV or setting up a laptop computer, a study has found.

Whilst traditionally men may have taken charge of gadgets and gizmos, women are now becoming more comfortable with tech.

In a survey by Comet, most women said they would happily set up their laptop or freeview box - and only 4% are daunted by installing their own HDTV and 7% a surround sound system.

Half of women also claim they now rely on the latest gadgets like an iPhone or Sky HD to make their lives tic.

13% of the men questioned even confessed they let their wives and girlfriends pick the household computers, DVD players, and televisions… proving they are not really men.

Gadgets: Sandisk slotMusic

By Jay Garrett

Why? That was the very first thing that sprang to my lips when I discovered the latest venture by the large labels to convince us that we need another kind of physical media on which to carry our tunes.

Personally CD’s are my main alternative to MP3, WMA, FLAC, etc.

I still have my vinyl but that weighs a tonne and was never the most portable of formats – ask any DJ and then ask their chiropractor!

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