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275x250.jpg A German drinks firm has launched a range of spirits which has been poured over the breasts of a naked model prior to bottling. Really!

G-Spirits sells bottles of rum, whisky and vodka which has been poured over the boobs of voluptuous models before being collected in a special glass basin.

It's claimed the odd process adds to the flavour of the drinks, though the firm are keen to stress they conform to food and hygiene requirements. Medical personnel are also present to verify everything is in order.

A spokesperson for G-Spirits said: "To create the perfect taste we let every single drop of our spirits run over the breasts of a special woman, one whose characteristics we saw reflected in the liquor.

275x250.jpg It looks like a cupcake which was recovered from the scene of a violent crime, and sure enough that's the idea behind the Dexter cupcake from Magnolia Bakery.

The bakers were commissioned by TV channel Showtime to create the cake to celebrate the airing of Season 7 of hit serial killer TV show Dexter.

The glass shard and blood red velvet cupcakes - which were served at a special event in Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall - were covered in dyed red syrup to look like blood.

The glass shards are actually just sugar glass and wouldn't rip your mouth open on the first bite … but would you be brave enough to try them.

Unfortunately the gory cakes are not on general sale, which is a shame … because they could have made for a wonderfully traumatic birthday party for a six-year-old.

275x250.jpg Meet HotTug, the world's first wood-fired hot tub boat. Yes it is just as odd, weird and wonderful as it sounds.

While the HotTug can be used as a typical boat for six to eight people, it's when it's filled with 2000 litres of water it becomes interesting.

That's because it then becomes a portable hottub - constructed from wood and fitted with glass fiber reinforced polyester - which can be enjoyed while cruising along canals or on a lake.

A wood stove in front of the boat heats the water in about 2.5 hours up to 38 degrees Celsius and an integrated electric motor allows people to cruise around for about 8 hours.

275x250.jpg Believe it or not this woman isn't pretending to make a phone call with her fingers, the gloves she is wearing have a fully functional Bluetooth earpiece built in.

The hi-Call has a speaker and a microphone sewed into thumb and pinkie, meaning wearers can speak on the phone, while being protected from the cold.
Makers say the Inspector Gadget-esque gloves have a battery which lasts for 10 days on standby and 20 hours call time.

They are compatible with all mobile phones with Bluetooth, but obviously you will look a little crazy talking into your hand as you walk down the road.

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