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275x250.jpg For most people, it would be a bad day at work if someone bombarded you with verbal abuse at you. But for workers in one German call-centre, it's just another day at the office.

That's because a 'swearing hotline' has been launched for angry Germans to call up and blow off some steam by swearing at the call-centre worker on the other end.

The team behind the "Schimpf-los" (swear away) line say they came up with the idea as a way of letting people release pent-up aggravation so they don't take it out on work colleagues, friends or family.

Costing 1.49 euros per minute, operators have even been trained to help extract extra sweary rants from callers with cheeky provocations such as, "That's the third time I've heard that today."

What do you think about the swearing line, let us know in the comments … but please don't be too rude, we haven't had the training of the Schimpf-los staff.

275x250.jpg We hope they won't be drinking this beer in the Olympic Athletes' Village, because 'Never Mind the Anabolics' has been brewed containing eight ingredients that are banned for professional athletes.

The limited edition beer contains creatine, guarana, lycii berries, kola nut, Gingko, matcha tea, maca powder and steroids - all banned at the Olympics due to performance enhancing effects.

Scottish craft brewery, BrewDog says it launched the beer in a bid to undermine global sponsorship deals for this summer’s games.

James Watt, cofounder of BrewDog said: "It seems a beer laced with performance enhancing ingredients isn’t actually illegal, but it is definitely frowned upon.

275x250.jpg In an apparent bid to make their new car as Italian as possible, Fiat have announced that the new version of the Fiat 500 will be available with a built-in coffee machine.

An unsurprising world first - there aren't any other cars which offer a fully integrated espresso coffee machine as an accessory - the FIAT 500L was launched in Turin earlier this week.

Designed in cooperation with famous Italian coffee-machine producer Lavazza and using the company's convenient "A Modo Mio" pod system, the espresso maker integrates into the passenger compartment.

There are no power cables and a dedicated set of accessories to keep the interior neat and tidy included, such as a spoon holder, pod dispenser and sugar container.

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