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When you think about adverts selling houses, it's probably dubious estate agent clichés like "delightfully bijou" and misleading photos, which spring to mind.

Well that's all about to change the moment you click play on this video and witness the way an Australian firm markets houses, complete with a lingerie model and armed commandos.

Estate agents NEO Property say they prefer to sell houses by creating viral adverts which feature gratuitously sexy close-ups of breasts and action shots… oh yeah, and the house.

This particular one shows a woman being held hostage wearing just her underwear and phoning for help and then describing the house as armed commandos are dispatched to save her. Foxtons it is not.

275x250.jpgAn author has produced a hit book by accurately putting into print a summary of all the things men think about apart from sex.

But don't go expecting any great insight, because his book 'What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex' consists of 200 blank pages.

Sheridan Simove says he came up with the idea of the empty book after spending hours slaving away over another book only to see it flop.

And his £4.69 book - which has a printed front cover - is proving a hit on where it last week outsold both Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code.

In addition to being given as a novelty gift, the book is also being used as a lecture notebook by students… most of who are thinking about sex while they should be working.

275x250.jpg Funny shoes which have been made to look like real horses' feet and use genuine horse hair have gone on sale at the Cheltenham Festival.

The zip-up hoof shoes were commissioned the celebrate 100 years of the racing festival and come in knee and ankle-length versions.

Each of the 'Horseshoes for Humans' features a imitation carbon fibre hoof and are stitched with around 5,000 individual horse hairs.

But they do not come cheap -- they come with a £1,300 price tag… so let's hope you back a winner first if you want to buy a pair.

275x250.jpgCans filled with the delightful odour of cow farts are said to have become a popular gift after going on sale in Germany.

Selling for £5 each the 'Stable Fragrance' tins are said to let people take the "original Bavarian stable smell" home with them.

The canned cow farts are the brainchild of designer Daniela Dorrer who says they would be good for people who have moved from the countryside to the city.

She says the farts are captured by hanging industrial cotton wool in stables to adsorb the smell and this is then packaged in the aluminium containers.

While early online interest suggests Dorrer could be onto a winner with this idea, other people say it stinks.

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