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275x250.jpg A bizarre hotel with walls made from bits of 'tourism junk' has opened in Madrid… and it's not as rubbish as you might think.

The 'Save the Beach Hotel' is the creation of German artist Ha Schult and is constructed from rubbish found on beaches and bought at European flea markets.

Dubbed the 'Garbage Hotel' it's designed to be a physical eco-statement about the massive amount of waste generated by mass tourism and consists of five rooms.

Walls are made from items including bottles, waste plastics, books and rubber tyres… which still sounds better than some of the hotels I've stayed in.

275x250.jpg A pair of baking sisters have scored an online hit by creating an amazing range of cupcakes based on Jim Henson's Muppets.

Mandy and Caroline - the people behind Cupcake Occasions - say they were initially commissioned to create the brightly coloured cakes for a wedding last year.

But the resulting cupcake incarnations of characters including Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal were so impressive images of then went on to become an online hit.

The cakes take all day to produce a box of 12 and sell for £5 each. Apparently they taste as good as they look, but be honest… you would want to spoil them by biting into them would you?

275x250.jpg Shhh! Don't tell the boss, but we will soon be installing one of these lunchtime-stretching clocks in Newslite Towers.

The 'Lunchtime Clock' uses a clever bit of technology to extend your lunch hour by 12 minutes each day - that an extra hour every week.

Every time the clock gets to 11 o'clock it speeds up by 20%, until it says 12 o'clock (really 11.48). Over the next 72 minutes it slows down.

So at 1pm the clock is back to normal and you've managed to sneak an extra 12 minutes away from your desk… unless your boss also wears a watch.

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