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70 year-old vacuum cleaner

200x175.jpg(Funny News) A 95-year-old woman has finally had to replace her trusty vacuum cleaner - after using if for 70 years.

Edith Kingsland, a former bed-and-breakfast keeper from Kent, UK, bought the cleaner in the 1930's.

Se used the it everyday around the B&B hotel she kept with her late husband in the sea-side resort.

Edith says she is struggling to get to grips with her new model complaining that it is too big and too heavy.

Shopping trolley tells you what to buy

A new intelligent shopping trolley which tells you what you should be buying and navigates you around the supermarket so that you can find it, has been launched.

The MediaCart, which was designed with Microsoft, monitors your shopping habits before suggesting items, recipes and providing you with money off vouchers.

It will even act like a Sat-Nav telling you where to go in the store to find the items you are trying to buy.

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