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Japanese brewery Kirin have come up with a solution to the beer-drinkers summer problem of a warm brew -- a drink which is served with a frozen foam head.

Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft features a frozen foam head which makers claim will act as an insulating lid and keep a drink cold for 30 minutes.

The foam is made by cooling the beer to -5C and then pumping it out Mr Whippy style on top of the glass.

275x250.jpg With Brits sacrificing their diet for hectic lifestyles the tradition of eating three meals a day is fast becoming a thing of the past, it has been found.

Researchers, who conducted a study of 2,000 people, found that the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner template is dead, with the average person eating less than two meals a day.

Brits are adjusting their eating habits with half no longer eating a proper breakfast because of a lack of time, while many avoid the meal completely.

And fast-paced lifestyles and snacking culture mean a quarter of Brits manage just two properly cooked meals a week and only 11 full meals in a typical week.

Breakfast is the meal most Brits skip with a fifth claiming they never get hungry in the morning.

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