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275x250.jpg Teachers in Linconshire were so appalled to find a child had been sent to school with a Smartie Sandwich for lunch -- they called for an overhaul of pupils’ eating habits.

After the discovery of the chocolate filled sarnie, health workers at NHS Lincolnshire were sent into schools to assess what pupils were bringing in for lunch.

They found that rather than a balanced diet kids were regularly tucking into crisps, sweets and chocolate for their lunch, which could explain why the region has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in the country

As such, a free school meals for all system is being trialled which gives children more healthy lunchtime options including baked potatoes and lean meat.

275x250.jpg At Sci-Fi conventions there are always plenty of Stormtroopers, but they're usually just geeks in costumes… this one is a life-sized Stormtrooper cake.

Amanda Oakleaf says when she heard about the Arisia Sci-Fi convention in Boston, one thing which sprung to mind -- creating a edible life-sized soldier of the Empire. Obviously.

So with her husband Tiler and a team of ten cake artists, Amanda set about making the highly impressive 6-foot, 4-inch, 300-pound Star Wars inspired cake.

While a metal frame serves as the skeleton (and it has sculpted Rice Kripsy legs) the cake used some 208 eggs, 140lbs of sugar and 55lbs of marshmallows.

600 hungry convention-goers enjoyed tucking into the cake and each slice had three layers of cake and two layers of italian meringue buttercream… Mmm Stormtrooper.

275x250.jpg A US woman has been arrested after apparently offering McDonalds customers a sexual favours in exchange for some chicken McNuggets.

Khadijah Baseer was reportedly going car to car at a drive-thru in Los Angeles and opening doors before making her offer.

The 31-year-old is said to have told a number of men that she would give then a blow job if they bought her a portion of chicken McNuggets.

Baseer was charged with misdemeanor solicitation and will now appear in court where she could be handed a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Before you ask, it's not known what size portion of chicken McNuggets Baseer was after… we've have been holding out for a 20-piece sharer.

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