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275x250.jpg Foodie cheese-makers have created what they hope will be an indulgent addition to your Christmas menu -- a Stilton cheese made of real gold.

Clawson Stilton Gold will sell for £60.87 per 100g slice, or £608 a kilo -- that's 67 times more pricey than regular Stilton.

Taking the title of the most expensive UK cheese ever made it would even cost £6 just for the cheese to top one cracker.

Makers Clawson say the premium white Stilton is so expensive because it's shot-through with a combination of real edible gold leaf, real gold-liqueur.

They claim to have already been contacted by a Gulf-based oil sheikh and a famous pop star desperate to add a piece of the unique cheese.

275x250.jpg Festive hampers are normally full of tasty treats like mince pies and Christmas puddings -- but not this one, this contains an ice axe and rescue flares.

That's because the £699 Adventure Hamper -- which goes on sale at Selfridges -- has been created by Bompas & Parr for would-be explorers.

The hamper is said to contain an array of provisions and equipment to inspire adventure including functional pickles and jams that will help with malaria, altitude sickness or insect bites.

Candied Milk is there as a high fat preserve for cold climates, pickled shallots & juniper could be used to wash jellyfish stings and garlic & mustard seed, to prevent insect bites.

But it's not all functional foods… there's also a Magnum of a Piper-Heidsieck Rare Vintage 1998 to celebrate the successful expedition.

275x250.jpg Police in Pennsylvania say two men have been arrested after stealing a teenager's meatball sandwich at gunpoint.

The dopey duo apparently robbed a 13-year-old-boy by threatening him with a gun and telling him to empty his pockets.

But they then proceeded to take just his tasty meatball sandwich before fleeing in a nearby car.

Officers say they soon arrested the sandwich-nabbing men because the teen called 911 from his mobile… which the duo failed to take.

Police say they recovered a gun and the sandwich… it's not clear what happened to the sandwich after it was taken into police custody.

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