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275x250.jpgUnadventurous Brits refuse to eat local cuisine and rarely leave their holiday complex when going abroad, it's been revealed.

Despite jetting off to far-flung destinations, four in 10 people admit they only travel abroad for the sunshine.

A third say they prefer to stick with English food such as fish and chips than try anything more exciting from local menus.

And 47% even claim they would rather eat in well-known burger and fast-food restaurants than sampling some of the more exotic delicacies.

In fact, 22% won’t eat at restaurants which don’t have English speaking staff… though 'steak and chips' is understood pretty much around the world.

275x250.jpg America can once again proudly call itself home to the world's largest hamburger -- after a monster weighing 777lbs was created in California.

A team of 10 people spent 13 hours just cooking the meat for this gargantuan burger which was flipped every hour and produced at the Alameda County Fair.

The meat-feast surpassed the previous record of 590lbs and was topped off with a 110lb bun, 20lbs of onions, 12lbs of pickles and 30lbs of lettuce.

Organisers say the whopper contained around 1,375,000 calories -- almost enough to feed one person for two years -- and bits of it were sold off to raise money for charity.

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