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275x250.jpg It looks like we will soon find out which side of the Marmite 'love it or hate it' debate the Danish government stands -- because the spread could be banned from shops.

The potential ban comes as part of a clampdown on foods fortified with vitamins and minerals, and the sticky stuff will need to be accessed by food officials.

It had been reported earlier today that Marmite had already been pulled from shelves in Denmark, but officials say they are yet to make a ruling.

The Danish Food and Veterinary Administration say an application for sale could take up to six months to be decided… whereas most people know if they love or hate Marmite in an instant.

275x250.jpg Space may be the final frontier -- but why shouldn't you be able to enjoy a beer while exploring it? Well, thanks to an intrepid team of Australian brewers, you might.

An Ozzie microbrewery has teamed up with space engineers from a astronautics firm to develop a special brew with would be ideal supped in space.

Jaron Mitchell of 4 Pines Brewing Company says that with the expected growth of space tourism, there's going to be a burgeoning market for space booze.

That's why he's teamed up with Jason Held of Saber Astronautics to create the beer which will be specifically designed to be enjoyed in zero gravity.

275x250.jpgIt's safe to say that Don Gorske enjoys a good burger, or to be more precise, it's safe to say he is a fan of the Big Mac.

We know this because the McDonald's fan just ate his 25,000th. That's right 25,000 Big Macs since he first sunk his choppers into one 39 years ago.

Thought to have eaten more Big Macs than anyone else on the planet, the 59-year-old says he can't get enough of the two patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions all on a sesame seed bun.

Gorske ate his first ever Big Mac on May 17, 1972 and was so taken with the taste he ate nine that day alone.

Since then he's tucked into at least one on most days - he's only had eight Big Mac free days - and despite his slim figure, consumed a whopping 13.5 millions calories.

275x250.jpg Popsicles are normally a effective and cheap way to cool off -- but not at a hotel resort in Mexico, they've launched a lavish $1,000 tequila ice lolly.

The expensive icy treat may come served on a classic plastic stick, but it's made from premium tequila which sells for £1,000 per bottle rather than fruit squash.

But should the Tequilas Premium Clase Azul Ultra not be enough of a draw, there is also the little matter of the 24 ct. gold flakes the Tequila Pop contains.

Bosses at the Marquis Los Cabos resort in Baja California Sur say they expect the premium popsicle to prove popular, but that those on a budget may prefer a straight shot of the Clase Azul Ultra… a snip at $500 a shot.

275x250.jpg Airline food served on little plastic trays is always sure to divide opinion -- but one unique restaurant is redefining what you'd expect to eat on-board a plane.

That's because this unusual eatery, which is the first of it's kind in the UK, is set inside a Douglas DC6 aircraft and run by 35-year-old chef Tony Caunce at Coventry Airport.

With a fully-functioning bar on-board, punters can enjoy draught beers and wines with food from under a tenner up to just £15 for a fillet steak...meaning the owners can brag that the prices aren't too sky high.

The 40-seater restaurant opened two weeks ago with an aviation-themed menu including an 8oz Rapide, Vampire gammon steak, Bomber T-bone steak and a Meteor marinade fillet… luckily you don't have to eat with a tiny plastic knife and fork.

275x250.jpgCreators of an odd breast milk ice cream which banned by a council and threatened with legal action from Lady Gaga, say it will be back on sale soon.

Last year, the Icecreamists parlour introduced 'Baby Gaga' a £14 ice cream made from human breast milk which was served with a rusk and shot of Calpol.

But shortly after the launch, Westminster Council banned the ice cream and over health concerns and Lady Gaga threatened them with legal action over the name.

However, the wacky product will this week once again go on sale again in London’s Covent Garden at a new political ice cream installation. Apparently that's a thing.

It's hoped that a name change to 'Baby Goo Goo' (see what they did there?) will help the breast milk ice cream stay out of legal trouble this time around.

275x250.jpgResearchers found millions of British women now struggle to rustle up everyday dishes, which their mums wouldn't have batted an eyelid at.

Many also admit the man of the house is now better at cooking than they are, while others are just too busy to find time to get to grips with a recipe book.

The report - which looked at the culinary skills of 2,000 people - also found a handful cannot boil and egg and wouldn't feel confident cooking a fry up.

It was discovered that the typical female can cook just seven different meals from
scratch - HALF as many as their mums regularly served up.

More than one in five struggle with a basic curry, one in six can't bake a cake and three in ten have 'no idea' how to make a meringue… you can almost hear the collective gasp of horror from the WI can't you?

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