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275x250.jpg In a bid to celebrate Pancake Day in the only way they know how, staff from TV channel Food Network UK have created the world's tallest stack of pancakes. And why not.

The impressive pancake tower took over 13 hours to produce and required a whopping 253 eggs, 11lbs of flour and over 26 pints of milk.

After the hours of hard work they were lest with 725 pancakes which were stacked into a 32 inch high tower to break the current record.

Should you fancy setting pancake-based record yourself when you get home, the highest pancake flip currently stands at 9.17m, the largest pancake measured 15m long and the most pancakes eaten in 1 hour by an individual is 855. Good luck.

275x250.jpgA London council is said to have confiscated a batch of breast milk ice cream which was due to be sold at a wacky restaurant in Covent Garden.

The Icecreamists had launched their Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream last week with much fanfare and media attention.

But since then Westminster council say there has been a number of complaints from members of the public and the FSA have expressed concerns.

Apparently they were concerned that viruses - in this case potentially hepatitis - could be passed on to diners making it unfit for human consumption.

As a result council officers have visited the premises and removed all ice cream being sold as containing breast milk… we dread to think what they will use instead.

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