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275x250.jpg A spectacular 300 dish dessert banquet believed to have been served to Queen Elizabeth over 400 years ago has been recreated.

Bosses at Kenilworth Castle decided to reproduce the food-fest - originally served at the castle by Sir Robert Dudley in 1575 - as part of their summer celebrations.

The meal took 700 man-hours to research and create in authentic detail and was presented on a massive banquet table dressed with towering sugar sculptures.

Desserts on offer to luck members of the public included gold gilded jelly, custard tarts, jams and candies -- the no so lucky ones got dried sturgeon stomach and pigs bladder skins which were also on the menu.

275x250.jpg A book which details the best (and wurst) ways to prepare and eat German sausages has become a surprise international hit.

The 'Essential Weisswurst Etiquette Guide' by Dr Werner Siegert details the   "noble art" of correctly preparing and eating German bangers.

Released in 2003 the book enjoyed success in Germany but after being inundated with requests, publishers decided to launch translations.

It's said English and Japanese editions have now become a massive hit -- much to the surprise of everyone involved.

275x250.jpgA baker has started selling the most expensive bread in the UK -- for a whopping £21 per loaf.

Tom Herbert says his 'Shepherd Loaf' is pricey because it uses organic Somerset spelt flour, Cotswolds spring water, and Cornish sea salt.

But the upper crust prices are not putting customers off and Tom sells over 100 of the loaves each week from the Hobbs House Bakery.

Celebrities including Liz Hurley, Damien Hirst and Keith Allen are all said to be fans of the bread which take two days to produce.

Wow, and we think it it annoying enough already when we burn a slice of toast... imagine if you knew it had cost £2.14. 

275x250.jpg A bizarre ice cream flavoured to taste like fish and chips has been released to get Brits eating something other than vanilla.

A recent survey found that nine out of ten Brits opt for the traditional taste rather than more adventurous flavours. As a result ice cream makers created this…

The cod-flavoured ice cream - which is being launched nationwide - is coated in a vanilla and pepper batter and comes served with potato ice cream chips.

But it's not the sole odd flavour on offer at plaices -- others include Barratt Refreshers, Vimto and Golden Syrup Sponge.

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