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Chefs create odd meals with baked beans

275x250.jpgThey are mostly used on toast, jacket potatoes or with a full English breakfast, but a pair of chefs have come up with a host of new ways to eat humble baked beans.

Adam Wilcock and Steve Scuffell produced the 57 recipes using baked beans - including a fondue, a soufflé and even a bean smoothie.

They started experimenting cooking with the traditional snack after research found more people were eating them in unusual ways.

Their bizarre concoctions - which also include Heinz Sushi with Wasabi mayonnaise - have now 'bean' made available online but will next year also feature in a recipe book.

275x250.jpgThe average fast food fan will scoff a takeaway meal at least 25 times a year - spending £13.03 on each occasion, it has been found.

This adds up to an annual bill of £325.75 - or a massive £15,310,250,000 across the 47 million adults in the UK.

And this is despite a reported 43 per cent cutting back on the number of takeaways they consume during the credit crunch.

A study of 2,000 families found that Chinese is now the nation's favourite takeaway, followed by Indian and a pizza.

We don't think they meant they enjoy a Chinese followed by an Indian in the same night - but with the current obesity levels in the UK, who knows.

Most moms cook just nine different meals

275x250.jpgThe average mum relies on just NINE different meals to feed her family, it has been found.

A study of 4,000 families found that nine in 10 moms cook the same meals over and over again - and one in four even have a set day of the week for different dishes.

The most common meal among the nation's mums was spaghetti bolognaise followed by roast dinners, a shepherd's or cottage pie and a pasta dish.

It was also found that dinner time takes the average mum 35 minutes from start to finish, and four in 10 mums play safe by choosing meals they know their family like.

Despite this odd news many of the moms admitting to keeping recipe books from the likes of Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith on their shelves just to impress visitors - but not ones coming round to eat.

Tokyo becomes world's best place for food

275x250.jpgTokyo has become the world's food capital after getting more Michelin stars than any other city.

The Japanese city now has 11 three-star restaurants and a total of 261 stars across 197 restaurants - that's more than Paris or New York.

Paris has 10 three-star restaurants and New York has three, London meanwhile has just one, Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea.

The dominance of Tokyo is all the more impressive considering it was only included in the Michelin guides from 2007.

However, critics did have 160,000 restaurants there to pick from - it's not exactly a hard life for them is it?

275x250.jpgAn artist has used 26 different types of fruit to recreate the London skyline.

Carl Warner and his team of five model-makers spent three weeks crafting the famous London landmarks out of foods ranging from melons and tomatoes to asparagus.

They carefully sculpted the buildings - while all the time fighting the challenge of how to keep the fresh and highly perishable fruit and vegetables looking their best for the final image.

After gluing it all together they then took this stunning image… before munching on the most impressive salad bar you have ever see.

275x250.jpgBoffins claim they will soon be able to add nutrients, antioxidants and pro-biotics to make ice cream into a healthy food.

A team of ice cream researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia say their advancements could soon make the frozen food a healthy alternative.

Using the remnants from grapes in wine-making they claim they are able to add things like fibre into the food without spoiling the taste or texture.

Even better they say it works best in rich flavoured ice creams like chocolate where the healthy additives don't impact on taste.

Suddenly parents won't have much to say when their child asks for a side-serving of ice cream with their Sunday lunch.

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