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275x250.jpgThe 1991 classic, Silence of the Lambs has been named the best cult film of all time, by the poll of 3,000 films fans.

Simon Pegg's 2007 comedy Hot Fuzz came in second place ahead of the 1980s hit Ferris Bueller's Day Off in third.

The Godfather trilogy was at number four with war time classic The Great Escape and sci-fi spectacular Bladerunner coming joint fifth.

Other top cult movies included, The Shining, the Alien Trilogy and Psycho

The survey also found one in five men judge potential partners on what movies they like… so please don't EVER say you think Sex and the City is an all-time classic.

A quick fingered violinist has set a world record by playing Flight of the Bumblebee in a speedy one minute and 3.356 seconds.

39-year-old Oliver Lewis made his way through the famous Rimsky-Korsakov piece on the BBC One show Blue Peter.

Playing at 212 beats per minute (13 notes per second), he completed the piece in just one minute and 3.356 seconds - beating the previous record by almost a second.

Adjudicators from Guinness World Records said that after studying footage of his performance, they were happy he'd played to "concert level" accuracy.

However, if we went to see a concert and the performers sped through the music that quickly, we'd be pretty miffed.

275x250.jpg Kapow! The famous Batman logo has been found painted on the roof of a United States Air Force military base in Japan.

The massive logo was spotted in Okinawa using Google Maps and measures around 30m wide by 15m tall, appearing on the top of a building surrounded by F-22 Raptor.

Some have speculated the Batman logo suggests the US military is working with the comic book superhero on some sort of high-tech new weapon.

Unfortunately we think it's more likely to be because Kadena Air Base is used by the 44th Fighter Squadron… commonly known as 'The Bats'. 

Thomas Harris' The Silence of the Lambs has been voted the nation's scariest book of all time in a poll of 2,000 readers.

The chilling tale about cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter beat classics Dracula and The Shining to the top spot.

The novel became an instant bestseller following its publication in 1988, and its film adaptation, starring Anthony Hopkins, is still widely ranked among the best films ever made.

In second place is gothic horror story Dracula by Bram Stoker, while The Shining by Stephen King ranks third, followed by American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis in fourth.

Researchers said they were looking for horrifying books as opposed to horrifically written books… which is why The Da Vinci Code is nowhere to be seen.

A Finnish newsreader has been sacked after he was caught drinking beer on live TV -- during a report about alcohol licensing laws.

As producers cut back to the studio camera from footage about Finland's alcohol licensing laws, host Kimmo Wilska was seen swigging from a bottle of beer.

After the footage was aired, his bosses were apparently quick to sack the boozy news reader, but he insists it was just a joke.

Kimmo claims he was pretending to drink from the bottle as a joke for colleagues in the studio and had not intended for it to be broadcast.

Fans of the news anchor have now started a Facebook campaign to get him his job back which 23,000 people have already joined… many of who think the news should be presented by a drink host anyway.

275x250.jpg Graffiti artist Banksy has helped create a controversial title sequence for an episode of The Simpsons - which takes a swipe at Fox.

The introduction starts off by panning across a graffiti covered Springfield before seeing Bart write "I must not write all over the walls" over the walls of his schoolroom.

But it's only after the family have settled down on the sofa, the minute-long opening takes a trademark Banksy turn to the sinister, with a sweatshop of foreign animators painting cells for the show.

Kittens are also shown being thrown into a wood chipper to produce the stuffing for Simpsons toys and unicorn, chained to the factory wall, is being used to punch holes in DVDs.

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