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275x250.jpgPerformers at a pantomime in Leeds were determined the show must go on - despite only NINE people turning up to see it.

The heavy snowfall meant that few people had been able to get to The Carriageworks Theatre, for the performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

In fact, because there were only four adult and five children, it meant that for some scenes the actors outnumbered the crowd.

But despite this, the actors carried on as though they were playing to the usual audience of around 350 people.

Are you impressed, we got through all of that without saying "There's no business like snow business." D'oh.

275x250.jpgA trainee hypnotist accidentally put himself into a five hour trance -- by practising in front of a mirror.

Helmut Kichmeier - who had been practicing his skills after taking a hypnotism course - was found staring vacantly at his reflection.

His wife says that when she returned home from work the Circus of Horrors performer, who was sat in front of a mirror, did not respond to her voice and was not moving.

She then phoned the hypnotherapist who Helmut had trained with, and he told her to hold the handset to Helmut's head, he then talked the would-be hypnotist out of the trance.

It turned out he'd hypnotised himself at 10am and was not found until 3pm. Mrs Kichmeier now has a keyword to get him out of a trance should it happen again… and she wants to.

275x250.jpgAn Israeli man has spent 66 hours entombed in an eight-tonne frozen ice block… all to beat David Blaine's previous record.

Hezi Dayan had been sealed into a giant ice cube in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv in his bid to break the record of 63 hours set by Blaine in a similar stunt in 2000.

The 29-year-old then stood there for 66 hours - wearing only a T-shirt and jeans - before being cut out by a man with a chainsaw.

Though hundreds of fans had turned up to see him emerge from his frozen few days, he was said to be too weak to celebrate and was quickly escorted to a waiting ambulance.

While Dayan may have taken Blaine's ice record, he still has a long way to go before he also takes the title of the world's most annoying magician.

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