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275x250.jpg A student at New York University has created a camera which prints out text descriptions of what it sees rather than photos.

Creator Matt Richardson said he came up with the idea for his 'Descriptive Camera' after thinking about the metadata cameras produce: date, time and camera settings and wishing they could do more.

But because the technology isn't there yet to produce a text description of a scene his gizmo uploads images to the web and they are described by users on Amazon's Mechanical Turk -- where users are paid to complete basic tasks.

Speaking about his Descriptive Camera, Richardson said: "The Descriptive Camera works a lot like a regular camera—point it at subject and press the shutter button to capture the scene.

275x250.jpg An extremely rare camera lens which is so wide it's capable of actually seeing behind itself, has sold for a massive £100,000 in London.
The lens -- described as the world’s most extreme wide-angle lens -- had been up for sale at Grays of Westminster which specializes in Nikon photography equipment after co-founder Gray Levett found it on a trip overseas.

Weighing a whopping 5.2kg, the Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 is 171mm long has a diameter of 236mm and offers a 220 degree view. It is understood to be one of only a few hundred produced after being revealed at Photokina in 1970
Levett said, "The background of this immense lens is that our vintage camera buyer Toni Kowal spent six months tracking it down from overseas, and we were fortunate to be able to find this example in such pristine condition. 

275x250.jpg Exercise equipment isn't normally the most attractive of objects, but a design firm aims to change that by reimagining the exercise bike as a piece of art.

The resulting VELA from Lunar Europe in Munich looks like it would be as at home in an art gallery as a gym despite begin a fully functional piece of exercise equipment.

A spokesperson for the design firm said: "Home fitness equipment usually looks as if it belongs in a torture chamber – chunky and heavy, it often leads a shadowy existence in the guest room or basement.

"Our goal was to create highly functional fitness equipment which, besides its sporting uses, will adorn any living room in the same way as an aesthetic sculpture. The objects thus combine ‘life’ and ‘style’ in the best possible sense."

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