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275x250.jpg There is no denying that facial hair can help you keep warm in the winter. And while not everyone can grow a full bushy beard… they could buy this hat.

The Beardo is a Canadian-designed beanie which has become an instant fashion hit since it went on sale online -- because it includes an instant beard.

Makers say the hat-beard-combo is "always guaranteed to be full, perfectly coiffed, and super soft" and that you don't have to worry about itching or scratching.

While the acrylic yarn facial fuzz is adjustable and can fit any face, it can also be stowed away in the hat for the occasions a knitted beard might not be appropriate… though we can't imagine when that would be.

A T-shaped pylon design has been named as the winner in a £5,000 competition to find the next generation of electricity pylons.

Created by Danish engineering firm Bystrup, the T-Pylon beat off a field of 250 entires all aiming to replace the familiar "triangle" design.

As a result the National Grid will now work with Bystrup to develop their T-Pylon design further -- the first major pylon update since the 1920s.

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