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275x250.jpg We thought we'd filled our ridiculous yacht quota for July with this golden number… but then this tropical yacht inspired offering sailed into view.

Dubbed “Tropical Island Paradise” it's been designed by a yacht design firm who hope it could be just what some billionaire wants.

The 90m long yacht is designed to accommodate 10 guests and features a diesel electrical power plant propels the vessel to a maximum speed of 15 knots.

But it's probably the private beach cove, swimming pool and whacking great volcano on the back which will grab the attention of most people… especially Bond villains. 

275x250.jpg We're all for anything that takes the tedium out of getting to Newslite Towers -- and as such we'd love to see a slide like this installed at our local station.

Unfortunately we don't live near Overvecht Station in Holland where this 'transfer accelerator' (slide) had been installed as an alternative to stairs.

Created by design firm  HIK Designers, the slide is said to be great for passengers who are running late or just want to add a bit of fun during their everyday lives.

The slide is also said to play music from Bach during the evening… which adds a nice little surreal moment to getting home after an evening drinking we thing you'll agree.

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