275x250.jpg Architects have created an interesting design for a possible new bridge in Paris … it consists of three inflatable doughnut trampolines.

The bizarre design was created as a response to an ideas competition for a new bridge in Pari - which will add to the 37 bridges which already cross the Seine.

A spokesperson for design firm Atelier Zündel Cristea said: "It appears to us that Paris has the bridges and passages necessary for the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic across its waterways.

"Our intention is to invite its visitors and inhabitants to engage on a newer and more playful path across this same water. We propose, now, a distinctive urban feature: an inflatable bridge equipped with giant trampolines, dedicated to the joyful release from gravity as one bounces above the river.

An industrial designer has created a portable swing which can be deployed quickly and easily apparently turning any surrounding into a playground.

Kevin Shay from San Francisco says he came up with the idea when trying to think of something which was fun and prompted interaction between an object and the user.

His resulting UpSwing is a canvas and leather swing which can be installed on trees, lampposts or anything you can throw it over.

Shay says the the best place he has used the UpSwing is in the middle of Valencia street during Cinco de Mayo. "Seeing people's faces turn from confused to genuine excitement as they see the swing unfold is truly satisfying," he said.

275x250.jpg A student at New York University has created a camera which prints out text descriptions of what it sees rather than photos.

Creator Matt Richardson said he came up with the idea for his 'Descriptive Camera' after thinking about the metadata cameras produce: date, time and camera settings and wishing they could do more.

But because the technology isn't there yet to produce a text description of a scene his gizmo uploads images to the web and they are described by users on Amazon's Mechanical Turk -- where users are paid to complete basic tasks.

Speaking about his Descriptive Camera, Richardson said: "The Descriptive Camera works a lot like a regular camera—point it at subject and press the shutter button to capture the scene.

275x250.jpg An extremely rare camera lens which is so wide it's capable of actually seeing behind itself, has sold for a massive £100,000 in London.
The lens -- described as the world’s most extreme wide-angle lens -- had been up for sale at Grays of Westminster which specializes in Nikon photography equipment after co-founder Gray Levett found it on a trip overseas.

Weighing a whopping 5.2kg, the Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 is 171mm long has a diameter of 236mm and offers a 220 degree view. It is understood to be one of only a few hundred produced after being revealed at Photokina in 1970
Levett said, "The background of this immense lens is that our vintage camera buyer Toni Kowal spent six months tracking it down from overseas, and we were fortunate to be able to find this example in such pristine condition. 

275x250.jpg Exercise equipment isn't normally the most attractive of objects, but a design firm aims to change that by reimagining the exercise bike as a piece of art.

The resulting VELA from Lunar Europe in Munich looks like it would be as at home in an art gallery as a gym despite begin a fully functional piece of exercise equipment.

A spokesperson for the design firm said: "Home fitness equipment usually looks as if it belongs in a torture chamber – chunky and heavy, it often leads a shadowy existence in the guest room or basement.

"Our goal was to create highly functional fitness equipment which, besides its sporting uses, will adorn any living room in the same way as an aesthetic sculpture. The objects thus combine ‘life’ and ‘style’ in the best possible sense."

275x250.jpg A coffee machine which lets caffeine-addict drivers make an espresso from the comfort of their car has gone on sale. Finally.

The Handpresso Auto is powered by a car's cigarette lighter and takes just two minutes to prepare a high-quality espresso coffee.

Users simply fill the device with water, insert a coffee pod and plug it in. The £125 device then heats the water and after reaching 16 bars of pressure beeps and pours your coffee.

As an added bonus the Handpresso will also make your car smell of coffee… especially if you end up spilling espresso all over your interior.

Ikea have built a full apartment inside a Paris subway station -- and let five Parisians move in for six days.

The unusual marketing stunt in Auber station is intended to show commuters what they could achieve with a bit of Swedish furniture.

Glass walls allows people using the station between Jan 9 and Jan 14 to watch the five housemate who can also be seen in videos on the Ikea Facebook page.

This video shows a time-lapse video shows the construction of the 54m2 apartment and the tenants moving into their unusual accommodation.

275x250.jpg These heart-stopping pictures of an office which appears to be floating in thin air have give high-flying business meetings a new meaning.

Designed by Scandinavian architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen, the new headquarters for Copenhagen-based mortgage bank Nykredit has captured people's attention around the world.

That's because the ten-storey glass structure features a large atrium complete with three suspended meeting rooms that are cantilevered off of the third and fifth floors.

Hanging 50ft above the ground floor, the private conference rooms are placed in hanging boxes clad in dark polished wood - meaning high-flying managers at the bank must have a stomach for heights as well as a brain for figures.

275x250.jpg A moat-crossing bridge which was designed to blend into the background at a Dutch fort has become a tourist attraction itself after being dubbed the 'Moses bridge'.

Bosses at RO & AD Architects said it would have been "improper" to build a bridge across the West Brabant Water Line in Halsteren, so set about creating an invisible crossing.

The result was an amazing (and award-winning) Moses-style sunken walkway beneath the water level at Fort de Roovere

A spokesperson for RO & AD Architects said: "Its construction is entirely made of wood, waterproofed with foil." We think they forgot to mention the magic.

275x250.jpg Living in a city-centre might not prevent you from embracing your bee-keeper dreams for much longer -- after Phillips revealed the urban beehive.

Designers who say we are disturbing its equilibrium, have tried to tackle the issue of dwindling bee numbers with the bizarre concept.

The urban beehive is designed to fit to the windows of apartment blocks and consists of a entry passage and flower pot outside and a glass vessel containing an array of honeycomb frames, inside.

The glass shell filters light to let through the orange wavelength which bees use for sight. The frames are provided with a honeycomb texture for bees to build their wax cells on.

To access the honey, users pull a cord to release smoke into the hive and calm the bees before it's opening it… and if it's not working you've just got 10,000 angry bees in your flat.

275x250.jpg There is no denying that facial hair can help you keep warm in the winter. And while not everyone can grow a full bushy beard… they could buy this hat.

The Beardo is a Canadian-designed beanie which has become an instant fashion hit since it went on sale online -- because it includes an instant beard.

Makers say the hat-beard-combo is "always guaranteed to be full, perfectly coiffed, and super soft" and that you don't have to worry about itching or scratching.

While the acrylic yarn facial fuzz is adjustable and can fit any face, it can also be stowed away in the hat for the occasions a knitted beard might not be appropriate… though we can't imagine when that would be.

A T-shaped pylon design has been named as the winner in a £5,000 competition to find the next generation of electricity pylons.

Created by Danish engineering firm Bystrup, the T-Pylon beat off a field of 250 entires all aiming to replace the familiar "triangle" design.

As a result the National Grid will now work with Bystrup to develop their T-Pylon design further -- the first major pylon update since the 1920s.

275x250.jpg We've seen our fair share of odd yachts here on Newslite -- from a Monaco inspired one and another which came with a free supercar to dubiously gold-plated ones -- but this is certainly up there.

Presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, “Project Utopia” measures 100m in length and breadth and features 11 decks seemingly hovering over the sea.

Designers say the yacht (should it ever get built) would also boast four helipads, its own dock, several swimming pools and as much space as a cruise liner.

There would also be a 360-degree observation area… from where you could watch people pointing and saying: "I can't believe that thing ever got built!

275x250.jpg An artist and photographer has created an amazing series of dinosaur images by 'painting' them with nothing more a torch, a camera and a lot of talent.

Darren Pearson (Darius Twin) uses a method known as light graffiti to create his stunning 'Light Fossils' images, which have become a huge hit online.

The method involves setting a camera to a slow shutter speed and then using a LED torch / flashlight to draw the image mid-air in the time it takes the shutter to close.

The result is a photograph with an impressive graffiti-like dino image -- luckily anyone who saw it being created wouldn't fear a dino invasion… they'd have just seen a series of morse code-like light dots.

When we first saw the airbag cycle helmet last year, we were impressed. And  it appears we were not the only ones -- it's just won a prestigious design award.

'Hovding' helmet -- which looks like a scarf and only springs into action when needed -- has scooped the play 'Index Award' at a gala event in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

The innovative helmet instantly inflates into an air-bag-style helmet when accelerometers and gyro-meters inside detect sudden jolt.

The Swedish designers say they came up with the creation to have a helmet which would not spoil their hair-do… but the 100,000 Euro prize money must be a nice bonus.

275x250.jpg We thought we'd filled our ridiculous yacht quota for July with this golden number… but then this tropical yacht inspired offering sailed into view.

Dubbed “Tropical Island Paradise” it's been designed by a yacht design firm who hope it could be just what some billionaire wants.

The 90m long yacht is designed to accommodate 10 guests and features a diesel electrical power plant propels the vessel to a maximum speed of 15 knots.

But it's probably the private beach cove, swimming pool and whacking great volcano on the back which will grab the attention of most people… especially Bond villains. 

275x250.jpg We're all for anything that takes the tedium out of getting to Newslite Towers -- and as such we'd love to see a slide like this installed at our local station.

Unfortunately we don't live near Overvecht Station in Holland where this 'transfer accelerator' (slide) had been installed as an alternative to stairs.

Created by design firm  HIK Designers, the slide is said to be great for passengers who are running late or just want to add a bit of fun during their everyday lives.

The slide is also said to play music from Bach during the evening… which adds a nice little surreal moment to getting home after an evening drinking we thing you'll agree.

275x250.jpg Fashion students have got the whiff of success after creating a range of cheese couture... including these suitably cheesy shoes.  

The cheese-based fashion has been crafted by students from Bath Spa University to promote regional produce and will go on show at the Royal Bath and West Show.

Lisa Dillon made these "Jimmy Cheese" shoes using West Country cheddar and bread, sculpting the heel from a block of Cheddar and using a stale cheese sandwich for part of the platform sole.

The front was then moulded from more Cheddar and extra melted cheese was shaped to embellish the design… we think they really take the biscuit… but you might think they stink.

275x250.jpg We have a feeling using this dog leash in public could get you a bit of unwanted attention from the RSPCA and quite possibly police.

That's because Lebedev Studio designed it to look like you are shooting your pet pooch in the head as you take it for daily walkies.

Dubbed Povodokus, the gun-shaped handle contains a bright red lead which goes out freely as the dog pulls and reels in when you pull the trigger.

While creator Andrey Dyakov, says he came up with the idea as a concept, he told Newslite they've not ruled out taking it into production. Your move now PETA..

275x250.jpg A group of Dutch artists have fulfilled the dreams of DIY-haters everywhere…  by creating a room which can be redecorated at the flick of a switch, almost.

Going by the name of Mr Beam, the artists created a plain white room and then set up two projectors which were used to 'decorate' the room with light.

They took two months programing the setup to create the nine different rooms in various styles with things ranging from psychedelic wallpaper to a leather sofa.

But before you get your hopes up that this is the future of decorating, it's worth remembering that you really would become part of the sofa if you sat down.

275x250.jpg A designer has created a bizarre cycle which is powered solely by two screwdrivers and can carry the rider at speed of around 20mph - as long as they don't mind being uncomfortable.

Dubbed The EX, the odd skeleton contraption sees daredevil riders lie close to the ground with their hands on two triggers above the front wheels.

From there they can control the two 18-volt Bosch screwdrivers which act as the engines on the bike and steer by leaning their weight on specially developed joints.

Designer Nils Ferber says the bike cost just £900 to produce and is considerably more environmentally friendly than most other vehicles… and haw many of them can be used to put up a shelf.

275x250.jpg Going up and down stairs can be such a bore… which is why team of Japanese architects have created a house with slides instead of stairs.

Level architects say they were given the brief of designing a family home which would give the children memories which would last forever.

So after thinking about the challenge they decided to build an element of play into parts of the house which would otherwise just be there to perform a function, the stairs.

The result is a three-storey family home in Nakameguro, Tokyo, which has stairs on one side and slides on the other. What's next… a ball pool in the bathroom?

275x250.jpgA British designer has created what's being described at the world's most expensive bed -- and at £4m it probably is.

King of bling Stuart Hughes says his 'Baldacchino Supreme'  bed is handmade and curved from the best quality ash wood.

But that's just the beginning, the fancy bed is inlaid with 107kg of 24ct gold along with small decorative applications in gold leaf detail.

Then there is the fabric, which is all the finest Italian silk, and the headboard can be customised with diamonds or other precious stones.

Stuart says the bed - which takes three months to complete - is so exclusive only two will be made… unfortunately all that gold and diamonds still won't stop your partner snoring.

275x250.jpg A design firm have re-imagined what a collection of famous brands would look like if they were given a minimalist makeover.

Gone are the garish labels full of brightly coloured images and over complicated text. In their place stunning typography... and very little else.

ANTREPO say the project was a test in simplicity and a comment about the unnecessary use of images, patterns and logos by many global brands.

Brands given the minimalism treatment include Red Bull, Corn Flakes, Nutella and Durex. They would have done the same with Apple… but then the packaging would have disappeared entirely.

subs belt saggy pantsMen wearing their jeans somewhere between their waist and knees, it's a trend which isn't going anywhere. Which is why an inventor has created a 'garter belt' for guys.

Andrew Lewis says his 'Subs' make the 'sagging' trend easier for men who struggle to keep the waist of their trousers where thy want.

Part suspenders and part garter belt, they are designed to keep jeans from falling down by suspending them from a waist loop.

The wearer can then control exactly how low the jeans hang by adjusting the fasteners -- all while knowing the won't fall down.

Oddly, the same reassurance that your trousers won't fall down can be achieved using an considerably older device… a tighter belt.

275x250.jpg The Mini is known for its pint-sized proportions - but for one mechanic it was still too big… because he wanted it to fit INSIDE his motor home.

As a result Lester Atherfold spent three months shortening his cherry red version of the 1964 Mini 850 from 10ft long to just 7ft 10ins.

That means the car - which still manages to reach speeds of 75mph - can now be transported in his AEC Reliance coach as he tours the world.

Speaking of his mini Mini, Atherfold said: "People often laugh at the car, especially young girls for some reason." 

Facebook map shows worldwide connections

facebook social connections map An intern at Facebook has used data from the social network to produce an amazing map of the world, visualising where friends live.

Paul Butler took a random sample of 10 million pairs of friends and plotted on a blank screen the city where they live, and the relative position of friends.

This means each line represents the number of friendships between cities and after tweaking the graphics Butler said it produced a "surprisingly detailed map of the world."

While big chunks of the world appear out of the data, down to costal and international borders, others are obviously missing such as China and central Africa… until they begin to like Facebook there too.

275x250.jpgBikes get stolen. Even when locked to a lamp posts -- but what if they where locked to a lamp post and raised 15ft off the ground?

That's the question a group of German inventors asked themselves shortly before creating a lamp post-climbing bike lock.

The team from German electronic components firm Conrad dreamt up the gizmo as part of a recent advertising campaign.

Made from motorised skateboard wheels, the device locks a cycle to a lamppost and then climbs 15ft up taking your bike out of the reach of crooks.

Bikers then simply press a button on a remote control to get their bike returned when they're ready to ride off… unless the battery has run out, or someone had locked their bike under yours.

275x250.jpg Ideal for exhibitionist campers, a bizarre blow-up tent has been created offering panoramic views… both in and out.

The CristalBubble is transparent tent which looks like a upturned goldfish bowl, meaning campers get to take in the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

And they will not have to put up with the normal problems of camping. The £400 per night tents, which are dotted around France, come equipped with beds, sofa and woredrobes.

The tents are kept inflated with a airlock and silent pump and they even have electric lights… which you might not want to use when jumping out of bed naked at night.

275x250.jpg Designers have created an 'airbag collar' for cyclists who don't want to be seen in a normal helmet -- but equally don't want to smash their head open.

The 'Hovding' helmet is the brainchild of Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin who received requests for a helmet which would not spoil your hair-do.

After six years, they say they've now perfected their odd helmet which looks like a scarf and only springs into action when accelerometers and gyro-meters inside detect sudden jolt.

It works much like an in-car airbag and speedily inflates with helium and wraps safely around the wearers head… though it may spoil their hair while saving their life.

275x250.jpg For cyclists who are fed up of feeling the squeeze from other traffic, this could be the ultimate bike -- it's got a flame-thrower built into the handlebars.

But that's not all, the BOND (Built of Notorious Deterrents) Bike also features an ejector seat which can be activated if the bike is stolen.

Created by ilovemybike.co.uk after they quizzed cyclists about what makes them angry there's also a caterpillar track for smooth riding over pot-holed roads.

As far as we can see there is only one problem with the bike… it's not going to be available to buy.

275x250.jpgVisitors to a Las Vegas hotel claim they have been left with burns and singed hair -- because its design creates a powerful 'death ray'.

It's said the concave shape of the plush Vdara hotel is reflecting sunlight into a powerful beam, which is directed at the swimming pool area.

The beam - which moves along the poolside as the sun moves - can increase temperatures by around 20 degrees.

One guest said the design of the building acts 'like a magnifying glass' and another cliamed it has melted plastic bags.

A spokesman for MGM Resorts said they're aware of the issue and designers are working to come up with a solution. It's worth noting they are not too keen on the 'death ray' name.

275x250.jpg The Apple iPad is the latest must-have high-tech gadget… but that doesn't mean it can't look like a retro 70s toy.

Makers have revelled a protective iPad case which makes the tablet look like an original Etch A Sketch - complete with the little white knobs.

But while the £25 case has the look of the classic toy which sold over 150 million units, there isn't currently an Etch A Sketch app.

And more to the point, many Apple iPad owners are too young to remember the Etch A Sketch from their childhood anyway.

275x250.jpg A bizarre bath-mat which is made out of 70 balls of moss held together in a latex frame has gone on sale after a prototype creation became a hit online.

The £40 'Moss Rug' was created by Nguyen La Chanh over two-years-ago as part of her degree course, but as soon as she uploaded images to the web, she was besieged with requests to buy it.

Since then she has been perfecting the design and finding a firm capable of making the odd item which uses forest moss as a 'living' carpet.

Nguyen, from Switzerland, says the idea of having things growing it the bathroom came to her while she was a student… that's shared bathrooms for you.

275x250.jpg An army 4x4 which can change into a helicopter in less than a minute and is capable of flying for 250 miles could soon be used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The AVX TX has been offered as the futuristic solution to problems faced by the US Army, which asked designers to come up with a vehicle which could fly into location and then proceed on ground.

Designers Texas-based AVX Aircraft Company say the AVX TX could carry four fully equipped soldiers and travel at 140mph in the air and 86mph on the road

They add the SUV could switch between modes in just 60 seconds and cover 250 miles on a single tank of fuel… which is so impressive it almost makes us wish we weren't flower-waving pacifists.

275x250.jpg A grandfather who was inspired to give his humble shed a makeover after seeing Pirates Of The Caribbean has won Shed of the Year 2010.

Reg Miller of Southend-on-Sea in Essex says he's spent years perfecting his ornately decorated shed - which has barrel seats, a flag pole flying a pirate flag and even a parrot.

The 65-year-old - dubbed Jolly Reg - beat off stiff competition from over 1,000 other shed owners for the annual title of Shed of the Year 2010 - which is organised by ReadersSheds.

Reg added that he and his wife love sitting in the shed over the summer - thought he didn't comment on rumours he spends many an hour hoping Keira Knightley will turn up.

275x250.jpg Swimmers would be forgiven for being a bit nervous diving into this pool -- they'e at the top of a 55 floor hotel and it looks like the could swim off the edge.

But they are actually perfectly safe in the Singapore infinity pool and should probably just  try to enjoy the view from the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

The 150m pool - which charges £10 per dip - sits 800ft above the ground and is the highlight of the £4billion development.

Water which spills over the edge of the infinity pool is caught in in a secondary ledge and is pumped back in… though we don't know what would happen to falling swimmers.

275x250.jpg Designers have revealed plans to create a habitable island out of 44,000tonnes of rubbish which is currently floating in the Pacific Ocean.

It's claimed 'Recycled Island' could house up to 500,000 people and would be created by recycling plastics in the North Pacific Gyre into interconnected hollow blocks.

The Dutch team say the island would be able to generate power using solar and wave energy would also help to clean the oceans of plastic pollution.

Different areas of the 3,861 square mile would have designated roles such as accommodation, farming, and tourism… because this sounds like the ideal holiday destination, right?

275x250.jpg A company has announced it is giving away free 233mph super-cars. The catch... you first have to by a £17million 122ft super-yacht.

The luxury yacht has four double state rooms, a reception area, and salon with 52" LED TVs. It can reach top speeds of 43 knots, though you'd never know it from the calm Art Deco interior.

Meanwhile, when you get back to dry land you can drive off in the 'free' matching supercar, which is powered by a 880hp twin turbo V12 engine, can do 233mph and is be parked in the built in garage.

If you have the sort of money to splash out on a £17m toy you will have to act quick as only six are being produced… also, we don't suppose you want to buy an odd news website do you?

Engineers working for Dyson have used their new bladeless fan to create an  assault course for a balloon… it must have been a quiet day.

Dozens of the Air Multiplier fans - which blow air through a bladeless hoop - were lined up around one of their labs.

The head of each fan was then positioned to create a complete loop of air flow and a balloon was launched into it.

The balloon then wobbles its way around the course - which goes along the floor and over desks and piles of boxes - being sucked in the rear of each fan before being blown towards the next.

It's all rather impressive, but at £200 per fan it seems a rather extravagant way of moving a balloon around. And why do you need to do that anyway?

A £275 million bridge in Russia has been closed after it started severely bouncing up and down in high winds.

The wobbling of the 4.5 mile bridge was so bad it threw some cars into the air as they tried to drive across it and into Volgograd.

Engineers had spent 13 years planning and building the beam bridge which opened eight months ago and claimed it would be more stable than a suspension bridge.

But high winds proved them wrong with drivers saying their commute suddenly felt more like a roller- coaster -- and looking at this video we can see what they mean.

The bridge was closed while safety checks were carried out and will reopen shortly. Bosses say the problem was simply "The wrong type of wind."

275x250.jpgAfter being revealed yesterday, the London 2012 Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville have faced harsh criticism online.

Olympic organisers say the odd-looking one-eyed creatures represent the UK's rich Olympic history, but not too many people seem to be picking up on that.

Instead people have described the pair as "partly blinded Teletubbies" and "the worst mascots ever" -- and that's before getting onto ones which pick up on the phallic design.

It's said the idea for the characters came from two drops of molten steel dropped while making the last girder for London's Olympic Stadium.

They're designed to be interactive (whatever that means) and even have their own Twitter pages -- so at least you know where to direct you insults.

275x250.jpg Designers have revealed a bizarre item which is said to make it easy to have conversations in busy bars -- but also makes you look like an extra from a bad 1970s sci-fi movie.

The 'social sphere' is the brainchild of Elaine McLuskey who came up with them to allow to hear each other in situations with loud background noise.

Made of perspex the lightweight speech bubbles are worn on a users head and connect to allow people to talk directly into each others ear.

They work by filtering out ambient noise of music and chatter, allowing you to hear exactly what is being said… which will normally be "have you noticed that everyone is pointing and laughing at us?"

275x250.jpgAn Danish architect has revealed plans to transform the Hollywood sign into a luxury hotel with rooms inside each of the letters.

Christian Bay-Jorgensen has produced and impressive set of designs which would see the giant letters rebuilt twice their current size.

He says facilities like the bar, restaurant and pool would be built behind the letters giving the 10 floors of rooms stunning views of the LA skyline.

The 28-year-old added there would be roof terraces on the top of the letters which could house 308 rooms… more if they added a few extra letters.

275x250.jpg A designer who wants to see wheelie bins double as public toilets has tested his creation on the streets of London.

Stephan Bischof thinks his 'Pee-lie Bin' could be the solution to the growing problem of public urination in city centre streets.

The Swiss designer has modified the traditional wheelie bin to include a funnel on one side which carries liquid to the base of the bin where it is converted into bio-fertiliser.

Tests in Lewisham, London, showed that (mostly drunk) people were more than happy to use the wheelie bin urinals… though convincing people to put one at the end of their garden might be  bit harder.

275x250.jpgExperts claim that wallpaper which emits light could replace lightbulbs, within the next five years.

A Welsh firm has just been given a £454,000 grant by the Carbon Trust to develop their eco-friendly OLED technology.

Bosses at Lomox claim their designs can be used as a thin film to coat almost any surface and light up when a small electric charge is passed through them.

It uses only a fraction of the power of traditional lightbulbs and could be to make almost any item glow and change colour with a natural looking light.

Eventually the lighting OLED film could be used to put TV screens on any surface… and mean you can change your wallpaper at whim.

275x250.jpgA US zoo has raised $20,884 (£13,000) this Christmas -- by selling jewellery and other gifts made from Reindeer poo.

For several years Miller Park Zoo in Indiana have taken Reindeer poo and dehydrated and sterilised it before painting it with glitter.

The mess is then fashioned into 'gems' and used to make necklaces, earrings, ornaments and Christmas tree decorations which are sold in the gift shop and online.

This year they produced 300 necklaces and more than 2,000 ornaments which have been sold for $7.50 to £10 to people all around the world.

On hearing the Reindeer poo designs had raised so much money this year, one zoo boss said "No sh*t, really?"

Lego love leads to engagement for couple

275x250.jpgA lego-loving couple are hoping to build a future together, after the little bricks played a big part in their engagement.

When Joe Sparano decided to pop the question to his girlfriend of six years he knew Lego had to be involved.

Their eyes had first met over a box of bricks at a toy store where they both worked, and the pair have regularly bought each other Lego box sets as gifts since they started dating.

So 30-year-old Joe, a graphic designer from Nebraska, started planning a Lego based proposal where he wanted to pop the question to Kristin Kacerik, also 30, at a picnic for their dating anniversary.

Hoodies get huge fangs on their arms

275x250.jpgThe idea of fang mouthed hoodies may sound pretty scary - luckily they are just the latest must-have item of clothing.

These hoodies are the brainchild of Ross Valory who came up with the idea after seeing his friends children crossing their arms elbows pointed out in front.

They opened and closed their arms in a chopping fashion, punctuated of course, by monster noises.

Ross thought it be cool if there was a shirt with a graphic on the sleeves that would form a face with a mouth that would open and close when you put your arms together.

He contacted a graphic artist and started creating the hoodies which allow kids to transform into geckos, sharks, raptors, frogs, dogs, cobras, gators, tigers and orcas.

Artist makes realistic trainers from paper

275x250.jpgAn artist has painstakingly cut pieces of coloured paper and glued them together to recreate some of his favourite trainers.

David Brownings, from Brighton, says he can spend six hours producing his paper shoes - normally retro Nike Dunk models - which sell for £30 per pair.

The illustrator first came up with the idea while working in a vintage trainer store but since putting his creations online says he had been inundated with requests

Dubbed Nike-elangelo David warns potential buyers that while the shoes might look good on a shelf - they won't wear so well on a basketball court.

Bra doubles as a golf putting mat (Video)

275x250.jpgAn underwear firm has revealed a bizarre new bra which can also be used as a golf putting mat -- after it has been taken off.

The 'Nice Cup in Bra' from lingerie firm Triumph can be rolled out onto the floor to offer practice a 1.5-metre green putting mat.

Players then hit the ball into the breast cups to score, when the ball goes in a voice from in the bra says "Nice in!" The bra has a matching pink skirt and briefs, which when opened, turns into a flag reading 'Be quiet'.

Makers claim the bra - which is not due to go on sale - is their response to the increased number of Japanese women who are taking up golf.

Exactly what they wear while practicing her putting has not been explained.

The hat which forces you to smile (Video)

A design student has created a hat which is guaranteed to make you smile -- because it will poke a spike into the back of your head if you don't.

Lauren McCarthy's "Happiness Hat" is described as a wearable conditioning device that detects if you're smiling and provides pain feedback if you're not.

While it looks like any other wooly hat, it hides a sinister secret, an arm which reaches down your face detects if you are smiling and if your not it inflicts pain.

If the smile sensor detect your smile is turning into a frown it send a message to a battery-powered servo motor which moves a metal spike into the back of your head.

The less you smile, the more painful the spike is said to get - so this is how Santa keeps his elves looking so happy. 

275x250.jpgIn a bid to make recycling more enjoyable, a group of Swedish engineers have converted a bottle bank into an arcade machine.

The team added flashing lights and an electronic scoreboard to a bottle bank -making it more like a environmentally friendly whack-a-mole.

After pressing the start button, recyclers now see lights above the bottle holes flash, if they get it in quick enough their score goes up, just like the classic arcade game.

The project is part of 'The Fun Theory' scheme by Volkswagen which shows various ways they have attempted to change their behaviour for the better.

Last month they turned a flight of stairs into a giant piano thus tricking people into exercising. (Check out both videos after the link)

275x250.jpg A publisher has come up with a novel way of advertising their books… by attaching adverts to flies.

The bizarre advertising campaign was launched (quite literally) by Eichborn at the recent 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair and involved somehow tying tiny ads to the flies legs.

This meant that as the fly took to the air, little banner adverts - which were light enough not to weigh the flies down - appeared to float around the halls.

While the final result certainly looks impressive (check the video after the link) please spare a thought for the poor German work experience kid who probably spent hours the night before tying the adverts to the flies.

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