275x250.jpg It's a good job Vanessa Dualib forgot everything her mom told her about not playing with your food… because its now part of how she makes a living.

The 29-year-old artist and photographer creates amazing animals out of misshapen food and then takes photos of then before then go rotten.

She also create a back story about the fruit animals - like this blowfruit (above) which she says lives in South China but once a year swims to Brazil.

Vanessa has so far created around 70 different fruit animals… and if she doesn't fancy what's for dinner this evening it could be 71.

275x250.jpgAnatomist Gunther von Hagens, the man behind Body Worlds and the Institute for Plastination, says he is dying and plans to become part of his own exhibition.

The 65-year-old, dubbed 'Dr Death' thanks to his gruesome exhibitions of dead bodies in bizarre poses, has revealed he's suffering from Parkinson's Disease.

Having hidden the illness for two years, he says the symptoms have become too severe and that doctors suggest he could now have just seven years to live.

It's said he's planning to undergo the plastination preservation process after his death and already thinking about where he wants to be exhibited.

Given he has previously shown bodies playing sports or even having sex, we are curious about what pose he will want to be in… and whether he will still be wearing that hat.

275x250.jpgAn amateur wrestler from Russia has died after taking part in the World Sauna Championships in Finland.

Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy had made it to the final of the annual event where he had to see how long he could endure the 110C temperature.

But after six minutes Ladyzhenskiy - who has competed in previous years - was dragged out of the sauna by judges after collapsing. Her was later pronounced dead.

Timo Kaukonen from Finland, who had also made it to the final ahead of 130 others, was also pulled out and is currently being treated in hospital.

Organisers instantly cancelled the event… presumably to give everyone a chance to cool down.

Darwin Awards 2007

An alcoholic who gave himself a sherry enema has been awarded the Darwin award for 2007.

The annual award is given to the person who improves the human gene pool by accidentally removing themselves from it.

Michael a 58-year-old from Texas, USA, was described by his wife as being addicted to enemas and she said often used alcohol in this way. On one fateful occasion he used two 1.5 litre bottles of sherry and passed out - the following morning he was found dead.

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