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275x250.jpg A pair of abandoned kittens have become a online hit after a cats protection charity revealed that they have a combined 54 digits.

The polydactyl cats Ned and Fred -- who were taken in by Cats Protection in Gosport Town -- have a respective eight and ten extra toes than the typical cat.

Branch volunteer Kate Stapleford explains: “These two kittens were in poor condition when they arrived but with veterinary attention and a lot of TLC from their fosterer, Fred & Ned are now thriving.

"Fred and Ned are special in that as well as extra toes on the front paws, Fred has extra toes on his back paws. Our vet said he'd never seen that in 40 years in practice!

This dad is desperate to be his daughters favourite parent… but she's not having any of it. As this battle of wits proves.

In this video -- which has gone viral on YouTube -- an Aussie dad can been heard asking his young daughter a series of innocent questions.

After asking her what noise a fish makes and where her ear is, he then slips in the query "Who is your favourite, Dad or Mum?"

Quick as a flash she says "Mum" prompting him to up his game in getting video proof of his parenting superiority by bribing her with sweets.

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